Monday, January 30, 2006


There have been so many conflicting reports on Lisa Kleypas’s upcoming novels, that I had to ask the Avon Board…I posted to Lisa and asked whether the new books would be romantic suspense (many were upset at this prospect). Lucky enough for me, Lisa posted a response…here you go:

Dearest -------

Hello, I hope you're doing well! I've been so immersed in writing my first contemporary, I've neglected a ton of things I need to do. Housework was the first to go *g*. I can't wait for you to read this book--for me it has been an incredibly exciting project, with much deeper characterization than I've ever done before. It is not romantic suspense--I'm leaving that to authors who are more accomplished at that, including the fabulous Xtina Dodd. I'm describing my book as an adult Cinderella story set in Texas, with a wide range of characters and a healthy dose of glamour. And there is a very strong love triangle, in which my heroine has to choose between two different but equally sexy guys (Oh, the agony!). What I have found really interesting is that my heroes seem to be very, very similar to my historical ones--I think they have the same kind of vibe and the same proportions of strength and tenderness. The dialogue is different of course, but the love scenes are just the same. Well, I'll go back into my cave and write some more . . .

Hugs, Lisa

I’m not going to lie. I’m happy she’s writing more books, but contemporaries? Hey, it’s Kleypas and I have no doubt it’ll rock, but I love historicals so much. The book does sound pretty spicy and I look forward to reading it, hopefully in this century (Avon might be planning a 2999 release for all we know…douche bags!). But don’t worry, Lisa has admitted that she hasn’t given up on historicals just yet…expect more to come!

UPDATE: book will be published by St. Martin's Press, not Avon, which means...WE WILL READ THE BOOK IN THE NEAR FUTURE...hopefully this year!


CW said...

Good work! I'm still confused, though...does she mean chick lit? Heh.

Isabel said...

It seems like all my favorite historical writers are making the switch to contemps. Why?

sybil said...

hmmm I do believe you are a LK!fangirlie!


This I will read, I think. The two love interest thing makes it swing more toward women's fiction than contemp. Which might make it a no go for me.

Jenna Petersen said...

Hey grumpy! I didn't realize this was your blog.

romancelover said...

Welcome to my blog! You just outted me, by the everyone knows I'm grumpy (as if they couldn't figure it out already). Hope you enjoy my venting tool..the blog!
- Daniela

sybil said...

I am so on to your tricks... you love AVON you read mostly AVON

So you post this blog and yell how much you hate them

And they send you ARC's. You should be ashamed! Then forward them to me.


romancelover said...

You're funny. I hate AVON the publishing machine...I don't really hate the authors. I get upset when certain favorites of mine release books that are so below what they are capable of. I always have hopes that they will redeem themselves in my eyes with new books, so I keep on trying their books. Some authors, like Laurens, I have lost all hope in and that's sad because they have so much potential. I get angry at Avon or Harper or whatever they're called because I would expect its editors to say something to them. It's obvious the quality of books of some of their authors has deteriorated (I don't know why, but it's really not just their authors...a lot of other ones have just kinda fizzled through the years)...I do go and Post to the Avon bd, not as often as I used to, but I do post sometimes and I always check the board out. There really is a mountain of info available there about new releases, upcoming books and the authors are always ready to answer questions...HOWEVER, despite that, I have to vent after reading one of their books and realizing that I got duped out of $8 (because the book was bad or below par). AVON is money hungry and greedy and I won't forget the postponing of DEVIL IN WINTER so easily...doesn't matter if I've read it or was postponed and thousands of fans had to wait. The way Avon went about was sick and it really bothered me. The blog was born as a result! I vented on the AVON board (a lot) at the time. I think authors appreciate honesty and hopefully they appreciate mine.
Oh...I don't get ARCs. I wish...Avon won't even tell its fans what happened to Judith Ivory (still waiting to find out from her agent, whom I mailed a while back), do you think they would start mailing me ARCs...doubt it!

sybil said...

I don't agree with that... to me at the end of the day the book belongs to the author.

I had a long ass post but I shall blog about it one day ;). hee as with everything...