Sunday, January 15, 2006

Romance Heroes in the Flesh

I have a weakness for men with British accents...or any accent (except New York...sorry!) for that matter. In any case, I try to picture these studs whenever I read a romance novel. bag a guy like one below...what a coop that would be, huh? I would be pleased for all eternity. They're so manly, especially Gerard Butler...boy what a man he is! I would clean toilets for a year if that meant getting him as a husband...hey, I'd even do it for three years. Obviously, he's gotta treat me like the princess that I am. Oh, dear...I'm getting all sweaty thinking about him. I think I need a cold shower...he's so hot!!!

They're all hot! Christian, Damian, Ioan, Gerard....Christian, Damian, Ioan, Gerard...Gerard, Gerard,, that chick from Phantom of the Opera was an idiot!!! Dumb ass!!! Scar or no scar, I would have chosen Gerard over that wimpy mamma's boy in a sec!

I can totally see him as St. Aubyn from Enoch's LONDON'S PERFECT SCOUNDREL. Christian Bale as Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent from Kleypas's upcoming DEVIL IN WINTER; Damian Lewis we have any red headed heroes...I can't think of any; Ioan Gruffold as Westcliff from Kleypas's AN AFFAIR IN AUTUMN. Do you have any favorite actors you envision playing your favorite romance heroes? Do tell...


Sylvia Day said...

"Ioan Gruffold as Westcliff"

That's brilliant!! I agree. :)

Candice Hern said...

What a perceptive woman you are to include Damian Lewis in your list of hotties. A lot of women have difficulty finding a red-haired man sexy. (Not me!) We have had SUCH debates on the issue on the Fog City Divas blog. If you're interested, check out the Nov. 16 entry for our last discussion of the subject.

I'm not a very visual person, so I always have photos of my hero and heroine taped to the wall next to my computer. I tend to use pictures of models or other anonynous faces. It's tough to use actors since a particular performance might get in my way of fully imagining my hero. I can clearly hear their voices in my head. I just need help in visualizing them. Weird, huh?

But after the book is done, I often think about who could star in the movie version. :-) I'm with you on Gerard Butler. He can star in any of my books. Even the ones with redhaired or blond heros. Who cares??? I will confess, however, to picturing Clive Owen in THE BRIDE SALE.

Kate D. said...

I ALWAYS think about who could star in the movie version... and generally speaking, I get really bogged down in casting the secondary characters, as well.

I've always found red-haired men sexy. But maybe that's because I've always wanted to have naturally red hair and realized that, since that ship had obviously sailed for me, I could at least do a little genetic setup for my future daughter.

(Yes, this was a goal of my childhood, and yes, it had everything to do with "Anne of Green Gables.")

Reese said...

Hey, this is a great blog!

I, too, dig on the Brit actors. Jerry Irons really turns my crank, as does Daniel Day Lewis (he's Irish, is that British? I never know). And Clive Owens is my new favorite.

See you!