Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Not Dead

Honestly...I'm not. I wake up at 4AM each day and am zonked by the time I get home around 4:30PM. So don't be mad. I will be posting reviews in the near days. I haven't read that many romances due to lack of time (as well as me passing out on my commuter train instead of reading) but I have read the recent Balogh novels. Such pieces of crap, let me tell you. I don't understand the stellar reviews at all. They're pure shit, people. Pure shit, I tell you. Such contrived BS.

Anyone here watch Friday Night Lights? Just finished Season 3 and am now obsessed with the show. Tim and Lyla are incredible together. Love them! And Gossip Girl? Can I tell you how much I love Chuck Bass?!? HOT!

Thank you to those still reading my blog. If anyone is interested, I post here also under DANIELA L.