Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mariah Carey's movie GLITTER was the best movie ever made!!!

Yeah...imagine if every movie reviewer out there only fed you a load of BS. Imagine how much money you would spend watching terrible movies such as GLITTER or even Paris Hilton flicks.

Close your eyes and picture a world in which Siskel & Ebert or Ropert or whatever (still can't forget the Siskel & Ebert combo) give two thumbs up to everything they see....

Showgirls - Two Thumbs Up
Glitter - Two Thumbs Up
National Lampoon's Pledge This (with Paris Hilton) - A masterpiece
Date Movie - The Gone with the Wind of our generation

Apparently, someone over at Romancing the Blog is a little too tired of meanie reader review blogs. I'd be pissed at meanie publishing houses that approve everything presented to them, if I were her...

Check out Sybil's blog, if you don't know what I'm referring to.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Alex and....Addison?

I needed to post this, although I'm sick again...this time getting over some bad sushi. I'm not surprised, considering that I was all ready to go out tonight and meet some new people, take a Mochi making workshop and what not. Whatever...hopefully I'll get better by 2:30. In any case, I had to vent....I saw a brief preview of Grey's Anatomy last night. Looks like Alex and Addison will get together. I'm pissed. Not only that, but I recently read that Izzy and McSteamy will get involved also. What the fa? Are the writers on crack? Maybe this is their way of getting Izz and Alex together. No clue...I'm just super annoyed and ill!

More to come...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays!!!

I've been fighting the flu/cold for the last two weeks...ended up going to work sick because I didn't want to use my vacation days....but now...I am off 'til January 2, 2007. I AM SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY I CANNOT SEE STRAIGHT! No work for more than a week...a joy to my world indeed. I have an assortment of books to read and am ready to I finished my X-mas shopping and I can finally relax and begin the reading marathon.

Reviews to come and more updates.

I've been so out of the loop, I'm still trying to figure out the whole beta blogger thing everyone's been talking about this month (and last, too). Hmmm....

I hope you have a great holiday season!!! I plan on eating everything in sight!!! Hope you do, too...enjoy the rest of 2006!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tagged by Devonna

6 Weird Things About Me (I prefer to use the word ECCENTRIC)

1. I love burning popcorn and then squeezing dijonnaise on some and then eating it (ok..stop staring at me!!!)

2. As a child, I often pretended to be someone else, a glamorous movie star named Judy Monroe. I was married to Charlie Sheen and was having an affair with Emilio Estevez (this was the 80s and growing up alone, with siblings very far apart from me in age, I had to entertain myself in some way besides reading...and yes, I snuck in the living room to watch Dynasty...hence, the affair part of my fantasy).

3. I have no pinky knuckles.

4. I love melting chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and then digging for the cookie dough. I tend not to eat the melted ice cream.

5. I pick at my food a lot and am always grabbing other people's food for a taste. This irritates the hell out of everybody. BTW I only do this with people I feel extremely comfortable with.

5 favorite Christmas songs are:

1) White Christmas
2) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
3) Little Drummer Boy
4) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (I think...I don't know the exact title...from MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS)
5) Emmanuel (old Church song...excellent!!!).

I tag: Kristie, Holly, Dylan, Mailyn

Not sure if the girls will do this, but it's always good if you run out of things to blog about.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reviews...Reviews...and More Reviews...

Each time I read a novel by Elizabeth Boyle, I am reminded of what an amazingly good author she is. HIS MISTRESS BY MORNING was an absolute delight!!! I loved it. I've had the book in my TBR pile since I purchased it a few months ago. Although the premise was an original and, in my opinion, a very daring one, with its BACK TO THE FUTURE like plot line and dreamy air, I was afraid...afraid because it sounded too good to be true. Afraid because, after THIS RAKE OF MINE, I didn't know if I could stand another downer.

Boyle did not disappoint. I loved the heroine. What a delightful woman! I adored and fell in love with the hero, who is head over heels in love with his lady. Wow wow and wow. I just couldn't get enough of the book and once it was over I...I...I wanted more. I was pleased to read that others might follow this one with the same MAKE A WISH magical aspect that characterizes the novel. I am jumping up and down inside. I highly recommend this book, which has a great many secondary characters who fortunately do not take over the book and lead a reader to wish Boyle had 50 hands, computers, brains, et that she could write books for each and every one before Christmas day. I am still over the moon. It gave me butterflies....a clear keeper for me!!! The more I read, the more I realize that character driven romances, if written well, are what grab me and hold my attention. I adored the book, which is more than I can say for....

Gosh...character driven this book was not. I didn't know who the love story was about 'til a few chapters into it because there was absolutely no chemistry between the leads. I felt like I was watching THE BREAKUP, only without the breakup but with the gag reflex factor of seeing Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaugh together as a couple (sorry, but I really hated that movie!!!). I never understood why the hero loved the heroine or why he even liked her. She was the biggest spoiled brat in all of England. Their first meeting made no sense; where was the attraction smoldering between them? Where? No clue...still trying to figure that one out. How do you say BORING in French??? Because that's what this novel, I hate to say, was. The majority of the novel was spent finding some French spy or whatever in France. One moment...SPOILER ALERT...the heroine is thin as a board and next thing we know....move on to the next scene and she's knocked up by the hero. I don't get to experience anything! ARGH! The book is one of Ivory earlier efforts and I wish it were better. I didn't finish it. I had about 50 pages left and I stopped reading. I had gone far enough. I wasn't interested in whether either of these nitwits lived or died; didn't give a shit about their kid either. Dumbasses! I sold the book to a UBS. Good riddance...which is exactly what I thought when I sold....

Had I read this book in order of its series' spot, I never would have read the masterpiece that is LORD OF SCOUNDRELS. That's how much I hated this wonder it's never mentioned in BEST OF or FAVE lists. The book is horrendous. Well written...great use of vocabulary and what not, but...gosh...the characters...blaugh! No words...just gag gag and more gag. The hero is a slut ho gigolo and the heroine...gosh, she's ok, I guess but really sometimes she was too independent and stupid for her own good. I didn't care a crap about the two and, like Ivory's book, I ended my torture about 50 to 70 pages before the ending. Couldn't finish it, despite having invested more than a month on it. Yes, my dears...more than a month and I could never even stomach the thought of reading the book. Thank the Lord for small miracles, for leading me to read LORD OF SCOUNDRELS first. Do not recommend this one at all...and you really don't need to read it to get LOS, so don't worry for all those series whores (like myself) don't need this at all. Skip it...don't even think about reading it! Sorry, Ms. Chase, but I really disliked all your other books, but really cannot stand this one. Which leads me to the last book read...

I don't know what it is about Heath...many fans still feel betrayed by her having abandoned the Western genre. I started out reading her Victorians and I don't find them all that bad. Of course, who knows what I'll think of them once I finally get around to read the masterpieces (which I own but am waiting for time off to savor...only a few more!!!), but for now I LOVE HEATH'S NOVELS. They are really good. At times, I find myself wanting to hit one or two characters over the head with a hammer, but overall the stories leave me with butterflies and a feeling of well-being. A DUKE OF HER OWN did just that; it didn't have the typical happy ending I perhaps wanted, but it was a happy ending nonetheless and it left me satisfied and wanting for more. I'm excited for the other books in this series. Not too happy about having to wait 'til October of next yr for one of them though..but I will manage (see, girls...developing patience here...). I love books where heroes remain speechless and flustered when the heroine is in their presence and we get to see much of that in this book. I loved it and recommend it. Wish I could say more, but I'm almost too pooped to review it. It's a good beginning to what promises to be a good series...not a masterpiece or anything like that, but a good book nonetheless.

I've rediscovered my joy for reading and am happy to inform you that more is on its way...more reading, more reviews and more tidbits re: romance novels.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Coming Soon

I'm alive and well....just exhausted from a little project I had to do all last week.

I have several items coming soon. One of them is a surprise! I'm very excited about it!!!

Keep on checking the blog for more updates in the next few days.