Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Don't Even Go There...


Went on the Avon site to check out upcoming new releases and guess what wasn't listed as an August clue? Well, let me fill you in - SCANDAL IN SPRING. Now this may have been merely an oversight on Avon's part. Nobody's perfect, but I detect a little bit of TAKE THAT attitude in response to Kleypas dumping Avon for Martins'? Just an observer's opinion...

I'm hoping it's mere oversight. Fans will rip Avon a new one, if it is indeed postponed. I posted on the board, so hopefully someone will clear this up soon!

If it is an oversight, it wouldn't be the first. More on that tomorrow.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Final Stages of Desperation

How desperate are my parents to see me married?

Tonight they went to a barbecue, met up with some friends who just happened to know an Italian guy looking for a good Italian girl. They gave said friends my cell phone number to give to random Italian guy (aka TOTAL STRANGER and POSSIBLE SERIAL KILLER).

I'm almost sure a personal ad is next....if it hasn't happened already (hmmm...I guess that would explain the crank calls).

I told them they had crossed the line, but meddling Italians parents are meddling Italian parents. What can I do? I'll probably end up like them, so I should just shut up!

If my life were a romance novel, total stranger would call me and we'd arrange to meet at a local Starbucks. On my way there, I get hit by a car and lose my memory. Said stranger, who looks exactly like Gerard Butler, has seen the whole thing and wants to help me out, but also sleep with me because I am one HOT Italian lady, so he pretends I am his wife...I am afraid (heck..I don't remember anything), but am wildly aroused by this Gerard Butler-like stud, so I go along with it. He falls in love; I fall in love and then I find out that we're not really married, when his evil twin brother tells me everything. I feel betrayed. We separate, but ultimately we end up together and move to one of hot stud's many homes in Europe. THE END. Oh, yeah...did I mention he's fabulously wealthy and has a British accent...oh...and is a duke?

Unfortunately, my life is not a romance novel...although I am feeling a bit like a bluestocking wallflower lately.

Jumping the Gun

Have you ever begun a series, loved it, gotten all excited over the fact that more books were on the way and then been left with a bitter taste in your mouth because some of them (or maybe just the last one) didn't deliver?

Back in March, I began reading Tracy Anne Warren's THE HUSBAND TRAP and enjoyed it thoroughly. As soon as I found out the book was part of a series of 3, out each month, I was overcome with joy (ok, I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea). The 2nd book in the series, THE WIFE TRAP was enjoyable to a degree; the heroine was the spoiled brat sister of the first novel's heroine. I wanted her to get her comeuppance and she did, to a certain extent. However, heroine's antics and disregard for her husband at one point really made me want to reach out and strangle her. I wished the husband would have kicked her out. Nevertheless, the read was pleasant and I began recommending the series to friends (Kristie J, you're one of them). A few days ago, I purchased the final book of the series, THE WEDDING TRAP, fully expecting it to be the best. The plot wasn't exactly one of the most original I'd ever read. On the contrary, if I had a penny for the times I've read a story about an ugly shy bluestocking wallflower turned babe magnet of the century, I'd be one very rich woman!

The story covered the love story between Eliza and Christopher "Kit" Winter, the brother of THE HUSBAND TRAP's hero. I didn't enjoy the book; as a matter of fact, I skimmed most of it.

I have a few things to say on the matter, especially to romance authors. Much of the book featured characters from the previous books, being so so cute and so so freakin' annoying I wanted them all to die in a blast. I just wanted to scream, "YOU HAD YOUR OWN BOOKS...NOW GET LOST!" Authors, please please do this all the time...these reunion type books are ok every now and then, but I hate hate hate it when the last book of a series becomes a WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO reunion special. Not that I'm saying that's what happened didn't, but characters from previous books were present all too often and I got sick of it!

Also, I wasn't entirely convinced the two characters loved each other...too much time was spent depicting Eliza's transformation and I really didn't get a sense for the two really getting to know each other, except in the physical sense. The sex scenes were blah! Just a little push and oopsy daisy, Eliza was soon "compromised" by Kit....something that doesn't seem to worry Eliza all that much. I just don't get it. Was the novel set in 2006 or 1814? I was under the impression that back in the day, women couldn't even be alone in a carriage with a guy without being ruined and Eliza here was acting like freakin' Sharon Stone.

I could totally picture her face, while all of this was going on to. I'd like to call her expression THE MICHAEL MYERS. Has anyone seen HALLOWEEN? Remember when right before Michael kills some half naked chick, he tilts his head to the side and just looks on. Well, that's how I pictured Eliza, the heroine, walking around the house. Apparently, sex with the hero left her with a lobotomy!

Furthermore, I'm starting to get a little tired of the villain that's not really a villain but some idiot with a gun and a horse. I want real villains...nasty ones, men and women with no scruples, who will do anything to get what they want. The villain here was pathetic.

I loved the first book in the series and it upsets me that the third and last romance would leave me so cold. I'm not giving up on the a matter of fact, I really hope she writes about a certain character, Lancelot, who got screwed in the last book.

1st book - THE HUSBAND TRAP = B+
2nd book - THE WIFE TRAP = B
3rd book - THE WEDDING TRAP = C

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Spies: They're Everywhere!

I'd like to know one thing and one thing only: HOW DID SHANA GALEN MANAGE TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT ME, WITHOUT EVER HAVING MET ME? Seriously, where did this chick get her info? NO MAN'S BRIDE, huh? Yep, that's me. I want to know how, if all men ARE NOT losers, I manage to meet so many of them. Is it my hair? Do I exude some scent that attracts these "rare" beings? Seriously, I'd really like to be clued in. Sometimes I feel like I'm being punk'd whenever I manage to go on yet ANOTHER date with ANOTHER loser.

A glimpse into my recent dating excursions, some of them set-ups:

1. Date 1 - Co-worker believes I am perfect for her cousin. I go along with it. He calls me; we arrange a date. I knew the date would suck the moment I laid eyes on him. He picks me up in a beat up car; he is about 15 years older than me. This moron proceeds to take me to a lesbian bar for a good hearty meal; he then proceeds to interrogate (yes, interrogate) me on WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME SINCE I'M NOT MARRIED YET? We get into a fight (wonder why). He insults me; I insult him back (hell hath no fury like a pissed off Italian chick). He starts telling me about an ex of his who dumped him (SHOCKER) and then apologizes over and over again about boring me to tears with his stories (what gave him that idea?). We fight some more; he tells me my expectations are too high, that I'm not getting any younger...blah blah blah. THEN THEN THEN he tells me he'd like to see me again. I tell him to....excuse my language here...FUCK OFF! I try to pay for half my meal; he gives me a dirty look and tells me not to insult him. sucked anyway. DATE OVER.

2. Date 2 - another set-up. My friend's uncle has already met my husband and he's more than eager to introduce me to him. In any case, I give him my phone number; he gives it to the "MAN" and we chat on the phone for about 2 weeks before deciding to meet up. The day of the date, he gives me a call, fakes a cough and chickens out. I'm immediately turned off and don't even want to meet him. Something about his call pissed me off. Maybe it was the fake cough. We decide to meet at Starbucks a week later. He arrives about 10 minutes late. He's good looking...a little thin, but I'm more of a personality kinda girl. I already had my coffee; he gets his. We sit down. We talk. He bashes Italian people (bad idea since I'm 100% Italian), Italian food, Italian family get togethers. He whines the entire time about EVERYTHING, how his parents moved to a different state and just left him alone, how he hates this and that, how he thinks he's getting sick again because of X, Y and Z. Date ends. We go to our cars. We never speak again. DATE OVER.

3. Date 3 - I came to SF about 3 yrs ago for a wedding. At the time I still lived in NY. A male friend I got reacquainted with at a wedding invited me out for drinks. He was a perfect gentleman, very considerate...until he had to drop me off at the nearest BART station (subway/metro of SF). He looked bored, like he couldn't wait to kick me out of his car. Perhaps he had to go to the bathroom. Honestly, I have no clue what happened. It was after 2 AM. He drops me off at an area convenient TO HIM (and I'm an idiot because I let him do that, but honestly I was desperate to go home myself); I proceed to go catch the train the last one left at 1:15AM. I am ALONE in a shady part of SF and I have to get back to my parents' house (where I was staying) which is about 45 minutes East of SF. What do I do? I call my "friend;" he sounds put out (maybe because I didn't) and I just realized he would be no help. I did what anyone in my situation would do...I called my Daddy! Let's just say he was not happy. He drove to get me and I realized how lucky I was to have him.

4. Date 4 - Blind date was blind. It was really something. What a mess! I once worked for an insurance company. A blind attorney invited me to go to a wedding that nearly everyone in the office (EXCEPT ME...I still don't know why cats and dogs were invited to this wedding and I wasn't...) was going to. I didn't want to go. I disliked the bride (maybe that's why I wasn't invited) and everyone else. My boyfriend at the time (yeah, I had a boyfriend) guilted me into going by pulling the whole BUT HE'S BLIND, MAKE HIM HAPPY card. The wedding was a total debacle! I was bored and being gropped by a man who clearly was taking advantage of his disability. Not to mention, a friend of his wanted some action from me also, but I wasn't having it. Today, the blind date story makes a great conversation piece and ice breaker.

So what's wrong with me? Nothing. I'm attractive, Italian (what more can you ask for?), funny, sharp, educated. I can be a tad sarcastic and maybe a little too blunt, but unfortunately I've never perfected the art of sugar-coating. Are men threatened by me? I have no clue. I just know that Shana Galen knows a little bit too much about me and it scares the heck out of me!

Welcome to the TBR Pile

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!I just got back from a day spent driving, antiquing and UBS hopping. I'm now tired, invigorated and hungry all at the same time!

I did manage to find a few goodies:
1. STOLEN KISSES, Suzanne Enoch
2. ANGEL IN MY BED, Melody Thomas
3. CREOLE NIGHTS, Deborah Martin (aka Sabrina Jeffries)

I've been overworked lately; I need a different job. Honestly, I really am too good for my current job; I have a lot of untapped talent. I'm frustrated and realizing more and more how difficult it is, for a woman who lacks the ability to kiss ass every second of the day, to climb the corporate ladder.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Few Notes

AAR has an interview with Lisa Kleypas and Connie Brockway up. It's very short, but good enough. I'm excited to hear that Connie Brockway WILL NOT give up historical romance.

I'll be interviewing Ms. Kleypas in the near future as well (hopefully in June), so if you have any questions you'd like me to ask her, let me know.

Apparently, Julia Quinn's 2nd Epilogues will be in e-book form and will cost readers $1.99. I WILL NOT be rushing to download this baby. Why are they even charging? Thanks to Sybil's blog for this bit of info.

I'm looking for some contemporary romances. Has anyone read Anne Stuart's BLACK ICE? Any recommendations?

Monday, May 22, 2006


I don't get it. Avon's got an author who has practically fallen off the face of the earth. Everyone "knows" she's writing a new novel or series or whatever, but it's never confirmed by anyone with clout...just fans who believe they know. Where is Judith Ivory? Where is Judith Ivory? Big mystery, right? Well, you would think Avon or someone would post something about Ivory's upcoming ANGEL IN A RED DRESS (which is only a revised reprint of a previous work)...right? WRONG! I'd like to thank BAM for posting the cover. Pretty suggestive (after doing the Bay to Breakers yesterday and seeing all these random naked people run, I'm seeing a lot of strange things today...use your imagination). I don't know if I like it...I like the red, but the legs? AGAIN? I'm kinda getting sick of legs and shoulder and arm covers! Enough already!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dead Heroes

Some discussion on the AVON board (yes, I still go there) over whether Julia Quinn should write a book about Violet Bridgerton, the matriarch of the Bridgerton clan. Many are begging Julia to write a book about the Bridgerton parents. I personally think they're nuts! For those of you unfamiliar with the saga, Violet and Edmund Bridgerton were a true love match. They had a zillion kids (whose love stories are all covered in the famed series). Unfortunately, Edmund, highly allergic to bees, is stung by a few one day and dies a very young death, leaving his wife heartbroken.

Oh, definitely, Julia...please write this story!!! I'm sure it would cheer me up, lighten up my senses, make me absolutely gush with pleasure. Julia Quinn once stated she would never write such a story, but who knows? She's already done this to please fans, which I don't quite understand.....or maybe I do?!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hasta La Vista Avon

It's true...Lisa Kleypas has left Avon officially; her last book with Avon will be SCANDAL IN SPRING out this August. Ms. Kleypas has signed a contract with St. Martin's Press for three new Wallflower books. Nuts, huh? She left them after 17 years! At this point, I can't say I'm particularly upset...more like OVER THE MOON! Three more historicals....that's all I care about at this point.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Absence Makes the Heart Grow...Forgetful

Today is my 32nd! I feel good! I don't care for big birthday bashes, surprise parties and the like. I usually enjoy spending time with loved ones and relaxing (in between chocolate cake and ice cream binges). I try not to expect much from birthdays. They normally don't live up to any of my expectations. Why so negative? Well, when I turned 21, my "friends" decided to go dancing on my birthday. What's the problem with that? Well, they decided to go without me. To make a long story short: THEY FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY. I remember that as one of the worst birthdays ever!

From that day on, I learned not to expect people to remember my birthday. Despite this though, it still comes as a surprise when people don't. I'm always left hurt and disappointed, especially when those who forget are the people I would die for.

Today I am 32 and ALL my New York friends (I moved to NY when I was 23 and stayed there a bit more than 6 years) forgot my birthday. I'm pissed. Am I being a brat? Acting like a child? I am going to address this with all of them primarily because I know keeping my feelings in would ultimately just cause resentment (and this isn't just the b-day thing...there's more I can't really get into).

Whatever! Do they think I don't have a birthday? That I somehow escaped a little thing called AGING? Fucking idiots!

All my SF and LA buddies remembered...ALL OF THEM, but the NY ones are apparently too into themselves to even bother with such a trivial date! Now tell I being irrational? How would you react to something like this? Just had to vent. I've been antiquing all day long and having a great time, but I've also been looking at the phone, wondering if perhaps I missed a call. How pathetic! 100% honest...WHAT WOULD YOU DO???

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Elusive Romance Author

What's the deal with anonymous authors ripping readers a new one? If a reader has to fear getting verbally beat down each time they decide to express an honest opinion on a novel they've had the misfortune to read, then SERIOUSLY what's the point of reader message boards? Cranky Reader and Dear Author report on this very disturbing trend in romance message boards. Why not just censor everything and call it a day?

Oh...and ROMANCE AUTHOR, the poster at the center of this mess, readers are entitled to their own opinions! Don't bother frequenting a reader message board, if you're easily offended.

Lisa Kleypas Updates

A little birdie named Mailyn let me in on a little secret...well, not so little...

LISA KLEYPAS HAS FINALLY UPDATED HER WEBSITE. Yes, ladies. I honestly thought she would never do it. She's been so busy with her new contemporary and Cam Rohan's book (yes, it's a done deal...she's definitely writing it), that I thought we'd lost her. MAN FOR ALL SEASONS is a work in progress and, WOW, Cam sounds absolutely delicious. I'm very pleased with the excerpt she shares with fans...gosh, I can't wait for this book. St. Vincent from DEVIL IN WINTER seems to have a role in it. Gosh, can it get any better!?!? I am very excited.

Cam sounds as good as Sebastian St. Vincent and Derek Craven. Is this possible? Will Lisa create another hero guaranteed to make our hearts skip a beat?

One Sad Chick

Warning: the following post is not romance related. I need to vent. If you're depressed already or don't care to hear some other chick whine about life, then skip to the next post.

I've been gone for the last few days. Had to go to LA for a work related training class. Great fun! Who doesn't like being stuck in a class from 8 to 6:30 for two days straight learning about the exciting world of lease management and audits? I know you are all envious! Please refrain from hating me so.

I got back to San Francisco Tuesday night and was still suffering the effects of smog until this morning. Work was a nightmare. I couldn't get anything done. The weather outside - sunny and bright - was calling me to ditch work and play. Unfortunately, having accumulated mountains and mountains of files over the last few weeks, I wasn't able to even consider this wonderful proposal. Instead, I stayed in a flourescent lit, cold and stuffy office building, staring at the computer and hoping with all my might (the Lord forgive me for this) that a earthquake would hit and I would be "forced" to evacuate. Gosh, how desperate have I become?

I don't quite hate my job; as a matter of fact, I do enjoy working with leases. I enjoy my boss and I love my co-workers. Unfortunately, I feel like I have to leave all original thought at the security desk, each time I step inside my building...something akin to coat check. Some people check in their coats; I check in my thoughts. It's brutal, but some people enjoy that sort of brainless work. Personally, I like talking all the time while working, expressing my opinions. I'm not cut out for work that cuts you off from the rest of the world.

I've been whining about work for a bit. Lately, I've been taking work home with me. I think about it all the time. I stress about it and the fact that I might have to stay in late all of next week doesn't make it any better. I don't get paid enough for this, but I do feel fortunate to have a good job; I'm very lucky to have a boss who respects me and co-workers who, so far, don't backstab me or talk behind my back (again, as far as I know).

Due to my work schedule lately, I haven't had the energy to read anything of substance. All I've done is watch reality tv, namely THE AMAZING RACE and SURVIVOR. I love those shows and I admire the contestants for their ability to live fearlessly and risk it all. Each week, I live vicariously through these people. I wish I had their tenacity, their strength. Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 32. I am rather pensive because of it. It happens every year. I can't honestly say I feel old because I don't. A lot is going on and I feel a bit empty inside. At 22, I had dreams of being a screen writer, dreams I gave up because of fear, dreams I still feel powerless to realize. Gosh, I just need to express myself right now. I know it's not too late to make my dreams come true but when you're trying to pay off more than a hundred thousand dollars in student loans...well, it sure feels that way. Sorry to depress anyone here, but I just have to let this out. Call me a whiner; call me a downer. I can't hold this in. I want to win the amazing race that is life, but sometimes I discover a hurdle and I just...FREEZE!

What happened to the ambitious 22 year old, the young woman who believed she could accomplish everything and anything she set her mind out to accomplish? I know she's still there...I really need to stop for a second and look for her. She so desperately wants out and I only hope I can one day free her.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Upcoming Book Covers

The cover for Shana Galen's August release was recently unveiled...I don't care for it much, but the author shows such great promise, that I cannot help but want to get the book.

According to Galen, "the book is NO MAN'S BRIDE, and it's the first in my new Misadventures in Matrimony series (releases at the end of August). The series is about 4 cousins and friends who, as little girls, vow never to marry. In this book, Quint, the hero, is a powerful member of Parliament. He is engaged to the heroine's younger sister, who he thinks is the perfect politician's wife. She's basically a spoiled brat. But before the wedding can happen, Catie (the heroine's father) decides his younger daughter can do better. He switches brides at the altar. That's where the fun begins. " What do you think of it?

I read the first of Enoch's series...didn't care for it much. Bought the second, which is still sitting in my TBR. I'll read it eventually. I have no clue what SOMETHING SINFUL is about, but since I'm a compulsive book buyer, I'll probably get it.

I recently read Cathy Maxwell's recent release IN BED WITH THE DUKE. All I'm going to say is that I didn't care for it much; the book was boring and I skimmed a great deal of it. I would not recommend it.

I'm going to LA on business for a few days, so I'll be away from my blog. Hopefully, the change in scenery will pump me up. I've been too zonked out to even think lately. Have a good weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Elizabeth Boyle posted an excerpt to her August release HIS MISTRESS BY MORNING. The plot sounds great but the excerpt...confused me a bit...I wonder if this chick's being punk'd. I'll still buy the book. I'm curious as to how it'll all turn out. I'm not too sure about the cover...heroine's got body image issues or somethin'. She seems to be looking in the mirror and seeing herself as a bare chested dude with one shoulder....or maybe I need better glasses.