Saturday, May 13, 2006

Absence Makes the Heart Grow...Forgetful

Today is my 32nd! I feel good! I don't care for big birthday bashes, surprise parties and the like. I usually enjoy spending time with loved ones and relaxing (in between chocolate cake and ice cream binges). I try not to expect much from birthdays. They normally don't live up to any of my expectations. Why so negative? Well, when I turned 21, my "friends" decided to go dancing on my birthday. What's the problem with that? Well, they decided to go without me. To make a long story short: THEY FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY. I remember that as one of the worst birthdays ever!

From that day on, I learned not to expect people to remember my birthday. Despite this though, it still comes as a surprise when people don't. I'm always left hurt and disappointed, especially when those who forget are the people I would die for.

Today I am 32 and ALL my New York friends (I moved to NY when I was 23 and stayed there a bit more than 6 years) forgot my birthday. I'm pissed. Am I being a brat? Acting like a child? I am going to address this with all of them primarily because I know keeping my feelings in would ultimately just cause resentment (and this isn't just the b-day thing...there's more I can't really get into).

Whatever! Do they think I don't have a birthday? That I somehow escaped a little thing called AGING? Fucking idiots!

All my SF and LA buddies remembered...ALL OF THEM, but the NY ones are apparently too into themselves to even bother with such a trivial date! Now tell I being irrational? How would you react to something like this? Just had to vent. I've been antiquing all day long and having a great time, but I've also been looking at the phone, wondering if perhaps I missed a call. How pathetic! 100% honest...WHAT WOULD YOU DO???


Mailyn said...

you already know what I would do, tell them all to go to hell next time they call you, especially if it's to bitch and moan about their lives.

ok, so I said it like 3 times already but one more time can't hurt:



romancelover said...

Thanks, Mailyn! You're really sweet. I wish you lived in SF so we could hang out. I will e-mail you when I get back...going out to eat myself into oblivion...woo hoo!

Nicole said...

Welll.....considering my own mother occasionally forgets, I'd just deal. :-)

Happy Birthday!

Kristie (J) said...

That bites that they forgot! I'd just forget them (easier said then done) and enjoy the friends who did remember your birthday

romancelover said...


I now feel like I was being a brat yesterday.

Argh...Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

Holly said...

I'd kick all of their asses! After I cried on my chocolate cake, that is. LOL

I'm lucky enough that the people I care about remember my birthday. Though there are several memebers of my family that don't.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Sorry I missed it! I hope, despite your jerkass "friends" forgetting that you had a great day!


Avid Reader said...

Life is full of disappointments, I'm afraid. I have maybe two or three really close friends and sometimes they remember, sometimes not. I don't really care about other people remembering my birthday, it's blessing just to see another one. I feel you in that it's hurtful. It's hard to find people these days who really care about you and have your best interests at heart. But your strong. Don't be resentful. Enjoy your birthday. Don't let them steal your joy.