Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dead Heroes

Some discussion on the AVON board (yes, I still go there) over whether Julia Quinn should write a book about Violet Bridgerton, the matriarch of the Bridgerton clan. Many are begging Julia to write a book about the Bridgerton parents. I personally think they're nuts! For those of you unfamiliar with the saga, Violet and Edmund Bridgerton were a true love match. They had a zillion kids (whose love stories are all covered in the famed series). Unfortunately, Edmund, highly allergic to bees, is stung by a few one day and dies a very young death, leaving his wife heartbroken.

Oh, definitely, Julia...please write this story!!! I'm sure it would cheer me up, lighten up my senses, make me absolutely gush with pleasure. Julia Quinn once stated she would never write such a story, but who knows? She's already done this to please fans, which I don't quite understand.....or maybe I do?!


Fickle Fiona said...

As much as I would love to read Violet and Edmund's story, it would be too sad. To know the ending would have me weeping at all the good parts.

As for the Epilogues...I stumbled upon this last night and was shocked she would do it. The fangirl in me is jumping up and down while clapping wildly, but I fear it may be too over-the-top.


Holly said...

If she does write this story, I'll probably stop reading her.

The whole point of romance novels is the love story, and the HEA. If we're going to read a story about a couple, knowing he's going to die in the end, doesn't that negate the whole point of reading it in the first place? (did that even make sense?)

I've heard people say several times that they'd love to read that story. I'm not one of them.

It depresses me greatly to think she might sell out. I hope she sticks to her original statement here.

And you know, as far as the link you provided, didn't she already carry the story on by including the already written about Bridgerton's in her following novels? Or is that just me being obtuse again?

(Sorry for any spelling or grammitcal errors. I'm trying a new thing here, so bear with me.)

Bev (BB) said...

It definitely would not appeal to me. I had too much trouble getting through the Cynster prequel about Devil's parent and his father didn't die until much, much later. Actually, I'm not even sure when in Devil's life the father died but still. Just knowing he was already dead in the "current" timeline gave me the creeps.

romancelover said...

I know what you all mean...the romance between Violet and Edmund should really be left alone..I actually wouldn't mind if Violet maybe married an older gentleman (she has been a widow for so long), but for her to have her own romance or novella including her beloved Edmund? I don't think so.

Re: Bev's Cynster comment...I didn't even think about that when reading that book you mention...all I could think about was the fact that we already knew when the prequel was written that the hero would cheat on the heroine and the heroine would just be OK with it. THat pissed me off!

I hope Quinn doesn't write a Violet novel...I love the Bridgerton series (well, except Hyacinth's) and love Quinn's non-Bridgerton books even more. The Violet book would be the only Quinn book I would have to pass and not add to my romance library.

Still...I don't get the fans who want Violet's story that badly. I, too, like Holly, want a HEA. I don't think death qualifies as that.

Isabel said...

Ok, so I'm in the minority here. I wouldn't mind reading Violet and Edmund's Story. I would love to see how they met and fell in love. I would definatly read it.

However, if she doesn't write it, i'm not going to be upset over i. You know what I mean. If she writes it, fine. If she doesn't, fine.

And... I would definatly buy the The Viscount who loved me to read the pall mall scene. Cause that is my favorite scene in that book.

Bev (BB) said...

I was kind of surprised myself that it was him being dead in the "current" books that actually bothered me more than the "scandal that never was" did. Maybe because the scandal bit is dealt with so matter of factly in the series, it wasn't the issue that jolted me.

Really, though, with regards to Violet, why in the world couldn't she just let the poor woman find someone new, contemporary with the children's books? It's not like she's all that old to begin with. It's been done before with other parents.

Kristie (J) said...

I don't get that at all either!!! While I OD'ed on Bridgerton's half way through - I never did find mama Bridgerton that interesting a character anyway! And why - oh why - would anyone want to read it knowing papa Bridgerton would be done in by a bee? I just don't get it! And can I say I'm absolutely appalled at the thought of further adventures of Bridgertons? Let it go woman - let it go!!! It was this series - the never ending - that started serious issues on series for me.

Dylan said...

I'm with Izzy on this whole thing, I wouldn't mind Violet and Edmund's story, because we'd get the beginnings of the Bridgerton family, it would be kinda cool if the story started out with Violet reminiscing about her relationship with Edmund and then we see her writing her own story and how she met Edmund, how they fell in love, sort of like reflecting back on their whole romance, I wouldn't mind that in the least...

...but again like Izzy, I won't be mad if it never happens either, so I'm okay with whatever.


Lori said...

I don't think I'd want to read their story. I feel like I know enough - they had a love match, a happy marriage, 8 kids, who all lived happily ever after. It's a bummer reading a story knowing that the hero (or heroine) dies later.

SPOILER - If you haven't read Karen Ranney's Highland Lords series stop here!

I felt so cheated when I read the Highland Lord series and found out that Alec and Leitis had died at sea. They were supposed to have a HEA. So I, too, hope that JQ doesn't write Violet and Edmund's story, even if I already know how it ends.

sybil said...

this is where I say I have never read quinn ;)

Kate D. said...

I wouldn't want to read the book, for several reasons.

1) Edmund is dead.
2) Prequels don't really do it for me.
3) Quinn already gave us an idea of what their love story was like because Violet identified herself strongly with Penelope Featherington and told us that "she was a wallflower and Edmund was the Catch of the Season."