Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Few Notes

AAR has an interview with Lisa Kleypas and Connie Brockway up. It's very short, but good enough. I'm excited to hear that Connie Brockway WILL NOT give up historical romance.

I'll be interviewing Ms. Kleypas in the near future as well (hopefully in June), so if you have any questions you'd like me to ask her, let me know.

Apparently, Julia Quinn's 2nd Epilogues will be in e-book form and will cost readers $1.99. I WILL NOT be rushing to download this baby. Why are they even charging? Thanks to Sybil's blog for this bit of info.

I'm looking for some contemporary romances. Has anyone read Anne Stuart's BLACK ICE? Any recommendations?


Holly said...

I have AS's BI on my shelf, but I haven't read it. If someone else tells me it's good, I will, though. ;)

As for the JQ thing...How bout no? I'm SOOO not paying to read them. Thanks, but no thanks!

romancelover said...

I'm with you! Mary Balogh has epilogues of some books available on her website. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE JULIA QUINN NOVELS, but actually buying the epilogue of a book that really doesn't need one? I don't know...just not too interested.

Kristie (J) said...

Black Ice was excellent. Warning though - the hero was very dark. But then dark is very good sometimes.

As for the LK interview, I must admit to being quite disappointed in it. Nothing about why she switched publishers, how she got to take her characters with her, what she thinks of the romance industry today. It wasn't her answers that disappointed me, it was more the lack of interesting questions asked.

ReneeW said...

I'll second that. Black Ice is excellent. My favorite RS from last year. It has an abrupt ending but AS wrote a short epilogue on the AAR MB for those who were complaining about it. Buying an epilogue is just wrong.

sybil said...

As I have foster on the brain: Just Say No to Joe? by Lori Foster

Paranormal: Dark Lover by J R Ward, Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Dara Joy: Knight of a Trillon Stars

RS: The Bane Affair by Alison Kent or Ready by Lucy Monroe

Blaze: Do Not Disturb series

Linda Howard: After the Night
Elizabeth Lowell: Fire and Rain, Chain Lightning, Too Hot to Handle and I think her only beta hero - Love Song for a Raven

Laura Leone: Fallen from Grace
MUST read

Desire: Blame it on the Blackout by Heidi Betts

Silhouette Special Edition: Nick All Night by Cheryl St. John and Beauty and The Black Sheep by Jessica Bird (aka JR Ward)

Antho: Big Guns in Uniform and Hot Blooded

Brava Bad Boy: When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys and Bad Boys of Summer

Erin McCarthy: Mouth to Mouth, Date with the Other Side and Heiress for Hire

Hell on Wheels by Karen Kelley just got a pretty good review at AAR, I have it need to read it.

The Royal Treatment by MaryJanice Davidson

Emma Holly: Top of Her Game, Menage

Shannon McKenna: Standing in the Shadows

Lisa Marie Rice (EC):Midnight series

There are tons I am not thinking of I am sure but I am not that well read in contemps.

Sandy C said...

I'm sorry that the interviews didn't work for you, kriistie(j). The approach I took was to briefly update readers on the upcoming books of both Lisa and Connie and the state of the romance industry today is ground already covered rather extensively in previous interviews with both authors. Perhaps the upcoming interview here with Lisa alone wwill work better for you.

Mailyn said...

wow dude you are going to talk to Lisa?!?! awesome!!!!

ask her about Cam's book!!! mehehehe

Sandy C said...

kristie (j), I just reread your post and I didn't mean to ignore your second comment. As to how Lisa was able to take her characters with her when she changed publishers, the answer would be (without asking her) that she and her agent were smart enough to write her contract that way.

Kristie (J) said...

Sandy: (here we are taking over Romancelover's blog :) It was a good interview regarding her upcoming books and her plans for the future. I just would have liked more information on what caused her to leave Avon after so many years. I must admit to a state of shock when I read she had left (it you're a sports fan at all that would be like - Wayne Gretzky leaving Edmonton or say Cal Ripken Jr leaving the Orioles for the Yankees - major stuff!) To me that seems like one of the biggest all time shake-ups in the romance industry. Having read her since almost from the begining, It's almost like I "know" her. I think except for maybe an anthology or two I've read 'EVERYTHING she has written - even those she kind of wishes she hadn't. (and damn me - I think I traded them in a number of years ago 'cause I didn't care for them either - I'm sure they are worth a mint now!!). These yung 'uns think they discovered here - ha! (heh heh)

And smart lady for owning the rights to the Wallflower series. Now if only Dara Joy had had that we might finally get more of the Matrix books - but if wishes were horses.................

And might I add - I was most glad to see that Connie Brockway's book is going to have more romance than she originally planned - I liked that news :)

ames said...

Black Ice was excellent. Very dark hero.

And you're very lucky to talk to Lisa (but you probably know that -LOL)

Holly said...

Sounds like excellent reviews for Black Ice, so I think I'll try it this weekend. Thanks all! (even though romancelover asked and not me ;))

romancelover, I think if she'd written new short stories about..maybe the kids of the kids, a la LK's contribution to the Where's My Hero antho, then I might be interested in buying them, but just to read a 2nd Epilogue? Not for me.

Sybil, I agree with most of the books you recommended and the ones I haven't read have now been added to my Amazon wish-list. So, THANKS!

Kristie(j), I agree with you on all points about LK. I've read all of her work as well and I was just as surprised as you were that she's decided to leave Avon. I hope we hear more about that in her interview here.

Lori said...

I agree - Black Ice was excellent, but yes, very very dark. It was my first Anne Stuart, but definitely won't be my last.

Way cool on interviewing Lisa! Can't wait to read it :)

romancelover said...

Thank you so much for the recs and just for reading. This blog helps me so much, especially when I'm bored at work and desperately trying to wake up. Not only that, it cheers me up whenever I'm in a funk. Thanks ladies! You're truly awesome!!!