Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Attention All Romance Readers

Spotted this post on the Avon board. I hope you all can help me figure out the name of this book because now I want to read it. It sounds incredible.

The hero and the heroine fall in love and are very happy then something happens, maybe war, and the hero totally forgets the heroine and their love. After some time they meet again and he falls in love with her again. He is also very jealous of the man from the heroine's past whom she still loves very much not realising that that man is himself. P.S. The book I am looking for was a historical written in third person and the heroine was definitely a virgin and the hero was her one and only lover. I read it years ago prior to 1995 but it might have been a book from the 80s because the hero was very alpha.

P.S.The heroine of my book was not out for revenge of any kind. After they were separated she kept looking for the hero hoping she would find him one day. It is not: A Heart Possessed by Katherine Sutcliffe, A Promise to Return by Gail Whitiker.

The heroine's only love is the hero; she never hooks up with any other man. Hope this all helps. It's driving me nuts...and I've been so good, too. I haven't bought a new book in more than a month. I still haven't purchased the November books and that's saying a lot. I'm trying to read my TBR books, but I must have this one...must must must.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Still Here

I'm alive, I promise. Been extremely busy so I haven't had a chance to read any new books...but I will...this weekend. Will post this weekend.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

For Those Who Are Interested...

I've been working on a couple of blogs lately...one with past journal entries and another with recent up to date ones...one's finished, the other one? Not even close, but I'm getting there. Until then, link to my new personal blog...it's a bit...err...depressing. I've had a rough weekend.

It's still in the works, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know...and Mailyn...err...I know you're gonna have a few. The blog is black, for goodness' sake. I need color!!!