Friday, November 28, 2008

The Perils of Pleasure

Masterpiece! to come soon.

Sad news...maybe

I can't help but be skeptical and a tad disbelieving of the recent news I had the displeasure of learning. I frequent a used book store regularly. I try to go there at least 3 times a month in search of books of every and any genre. The store seems to specialize, however, in romance novels, and the owners have always been very diligent in keeping them all in strict alphabetical order. I absolutely love the store and I love the owner of the shop, a petite older blonde woman, maybe in her mid-fifties.

Recently, with two deaths in my family and a brief fling which brought back memories of a long lost love, I had no urge or desire to read anything, especially romance novels, so I stopped going to the store. I decided to go back recently, having recovered from my funk, after a trip of a lifetime in Central Europe. I looked everywhere for the owner, was sure she'd ask me about my whereabouts (she was always so very friendly and welcoming). She was never around whenever I stopped by. I finally, last week, decided to ask a man working in the store. What I learned shocked me. She apparently had passed away seven months prior. This was hard to believe because 1) I'd grown attached to her...seeing her smile at me whenever I'd walk in the store and 2) I could have sworn it hadn't been seven months since my last visit.

At this point, I don't know what to think. Why would he lie, unless we're getting people mixed up and the older woman who would often keep the other company in the store is the one who passed...I don't know. I feel horrible for the woman's family and it really just breaks my heart to hear the news.

I'm going to make a stop tomorrow and will make sure to ask again.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Masquerading the Marquess

This is the first book written by Anne Mallory so I'll try to be nice.

The plot is all over the place and I never felt I quite knew the heroine; her personality and MO changed so many times I thought I was dealing with Sybil, the Queen of Multiple Personalities. Initially, the story wasn't bad. The heroine was working as a lady's companion and I didn't mind that at all. She sees the hero and can't stop looking at him. Good...good...I like where this is going....where it was going. Next thing I know, she fired and I find out that the heroine does caricatures and she's decided she's going to make the hero's life hell because she believes he was the reason behind her firing. I don't even know why she thinks that. ANNOYING WENCH!!! But wait...this chick's not done yet. This woman is a jack, or jill, of all trades. I turn for a second and she's all of a sudden affiliated with the theatre world....turn another second and she's helping some special agent. WTF is going on here?

I had no choice but to skim most of the book, waiting for it to get good (i.e. for the heroine to get laid). It happened towards the end and I'm surprised I held on for so long. I don't usually want immediate sex in a novel, but that seemed to be the only thing to look forward to here and I admit the bits of foreplay in the carriage proved entertaining.

I wouldn't recommend the book, unless you're curious to know what a rough draft published as a book looks like. I started reading the author's THREE NIGHTS and love it so far, so the author might only be suffering from the curse of having terrible editors.

Skip it if you have it in your used book pile. I'm selling mine back to the UBS.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seduce Me at Sunrise

I'm about to do something I never thought I'd do, say something I never thought I would say. I HATED THE LAST LISA KLEYPAS BOOK!!! Yes, I did...I know...I know...I'm ashamed and embarrassed and will probably be kicked out of the Lisa Kleypas Fan Club but I can't help it. I hated it...despised it. I read it all, of course, but I had to force myself to get through it. SEDUCE ME AT SUNRISE was painful. I don't care what other reviewers say; don't care how much it's praised. I hated it. I had such hopes for this book...such dreams for the characters but Merripen, the one word for you buddy: SHUT UP! Actually, I guess those were two words, huh? Gosh, STFU already with the whining and complaining about the differences in status between you and Winnifred, the heroine(he's a Roma gypsy; she's a fair aristocratic English rose). She wants you, fucker. Now get over it and do her!

What's frustrating about this whole story is that the hero says he doesn't want her, rejects the heroine at every turn and then gets violent and near deadly whenever she talks to someone else. He's got this whole "If I can't have her, nobody can" kind of attitude which is not only unhealthy, but made me nearly punch some guy out on my commuter train.

Gosh...I feel like I just swore in a church. I never thought I would dislike a Kleypas book. So far this is the only one out of the million (ok..I know it's not that much, but you get the idea) she's written. I am hopeful though that her next one will be better. Ok...I think I need to take a shower now.

Where have all the Julie Anne Long books gone?

Seriously, where are they? I own all of them except the last two she's written and I'm going crazy looking for them. I've been to 4 bookstores and nada. They don't have any Julie Anne Long books. Tomorrow I'm going to check a 5th. If that effort fails, I'm off somewhere else. I'm sorta boycotting amazon right now and I honestly don't want to wait 2 weeks to get them from B&N Online. I wanted to read the books now. I'm not a very patient person. The books are Book 1 (PERILS OF PLEASURE) and 2 (LIKE NO OTHER LOVER) of her new series.

If I have to be honest, I think I know why they're not around. Julie Anne Long is the most consistent of authors; I never been disappointed by her books. I've loved all of them. All of them have given me butterflies.

This isn't a cheap plug and I'm not expecting some Julie Anne Long groupie to send me free books or anything. Seriously, she up there with Lisa Kleypas, whom we all know is my favorite romance author EVER.

If all else fails, I'll just order them via B&N, but yeah...just wanted to read them on the train to work this week. What two weeks though, right (and yeah, I've got a life...I just commute 3 hours a day and would like to have something interesting and fun to read)?

In Bed with the Devil

PLEASE NOTE: Some spoilers below.

When this book first came out, I read a negative review that, coupled with the fact that the author put her other series on hold after the 2nd novel, made it easier for me NOT to go to my favorite used book store or even Borders to purchase it. I admit I'm still a little ticked that Heath put the Rose series on hold. The fact that the last book of the series was a total stinker didn't make the burn sting less. However, having started reading Elizabeth Hoyt's TO TASTE TEMPTATION and hating the heroine tremendously, I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. I've been stressed lately because I've been fearing a lay off. Now...I have plans to go back to school part time but will still need a job to help me pay my student loans, bills, etc. Since no one seems to be hiring in my field lately, I'd very much like to keep my job 'til the economy improves. I think all of you can relate. Back to the topic at hand...not having anything else to read and needing a cheap distraction, I went to my UBS and purchased IN BED WITH THE DEVIL and came out with three hours of reading...not memorable reading, but good enough, I suppose.

The book isn't one of Heath's best. I enjoyed her Victorian series books when I first started reading them because I didn't know any better. At the time, I never even knew Heath wrote western romances. After reading the Texas trilogy, I was never the same; my opinion of Heath was never the same. Every time I read a Heath book, I compared it to her early westerns....unfortunately none of them have come close. That being said, she always provides me with a few hours of pleasure and, with today's economic crisis, anything that will take my mind off reality is good enough for me.

The heroine here is very bold...not at all the typical Victorian miss; she's feisty this one, feisty seems as if she's a child of the 20th and 21st century. It's hard to believe she's from the time the book is set. She's bold and unafraid of being alone at night with a strange and dangerous man (who just happens to be insanely gorgeous). She has no chaperone whatsoever...her father is dying, her brother is missing and apparently the girl has no other relative keeping an eye on her. Seems a little far fetched. At some point, I was expecting Michael J. Fox to show up and take her back to the future, Huey Lewis blasting in the background.

The hero thinks he's a tough ass but is far from it. I don't get why people avoid him in Society...oh, yes..everyone is giving him the cut direct, despite the fact that he's an Earl or Duke or whatever because they're scared of him. Stupid...I never understood this plot piece at all. The whole thing seemed like a last minute add on to make the guy appear even sexier. MISSION NOT ACCOMPLISHED.

I read the book at the gym for two hours while sitting on an exercise bike and doing some leg weights. I then finished it off at home before heading to bed. I wasn't bored, but I have to admit I skimmed a lot of pages towards the end of the book. There was so much verbal foreplay going on at the end, that I nearly fell asleep while doing leg presses. Go do it already!

The hero and heroine never really hid their desires or affections which I always welcome but gosh, did I want to throw a bucket of lemons at the hero whenever he spoke of his childhood friend, Frannie (who will probably get a book, I'm sure...I hope). This is another plot piece which got on my nerves after a bit.

The hero started off so strong and macho and then turned into a big mushy wimp. From Alpha Hero to...what's the word for someone who's not even on the DLIST of heroes? Blaugh....even in the end I was expecting him to grow some balls when he found out that his lady hid her pregnancy from him, but nope...dude looks like he's gonna start crying. PATHETIC.

Overall, the book is a good effort...something to pass the time really. It's not the kind of story you will remember a year from now.

I pray and hope her next book is better than this one. Also, now that I'm getting into this, wondering about the secondary characters and the lot, I hope she doesn't bail on this series and put stories ON HOLD like she did with that last one.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I nearly threw this book in the garbage when I realized it was a paranormal. Since when is Elizabeth Boyle a paranormal romance writer? I felt deceived and seriously ripped off. 10 pages, 20 pages, 30 pages, 60 pages went by and I couldn't get even remotely into the story. I was very close to giving up and writing a brutal review...then realized that I had mistakenly purchased three copies of the novel. How I did that is beyond me. I must have purchased it directly after my three week European vacation (more on that in a later post) and then the others when I was in some foggy daze. The fact that I spent more than $20 on a book I wanted to rip to shreds actually guilted me into finishing it. What's funny is that I actually didn't mind the book after page 80. Maybe I got used to the weirdness of it.

Paranormal romance is still not one of my favorite genres. I like a good old fashioned historical...I don't need the hero to turn into a ghost or some mythical creature fighting underworld crime. I just want a simple Duke or Viscount slut who gets brought down by the love of a sweet feisty little virgin who's also a professional sex fiend.'s that simple to please me. I'm really not that complicated when it comes to romance novels.

I did enjoy this book surprisingly. It's not one of my favorite Boyles, but it's also not the worst book I've ever read. I know it sounds like I didn't enjoy the book, but I actually did. I just hope she doesn't write another paranormal. Keep it simple, Elizabeth. That's all I've gotta say!

TEMPTED BY THE NIGHT is a good book and I recommend it. The only problem I had was that I couldn't remember anything about the hero and heroine who were obviously secondary characters in past books. It irked me to no end. I do remember never being given any indication that the hero was some sort of underworld wizard or whatever the heck he was. It would have helped if a summary of the characters were given at the beginning of the book or maybe..just maybe..if the book had been published close to the other ones mentioning the two characters. Just a thought.

I've noticed this problem with other series books I've read lately. Now, either the secondary characters weren't that memorable to begin with OR my memory is going down the tubes OR maybe they need to start publishing books closer together for a change (maybe if I write this enough, they'll actually do it).

Now I know that authors have lives and they can't write ten books at once. This is why I suggest they add a brief character summary to the beginning of their books. Shouldn't be too difficult, right?

I don't know. I might have to do what I used to do with Liz Carlyle books. Buy them and not read them until the series is completed. It takes years to read a series but it's worth it. No aggravation, no memory lapses.

This post is a bit all over the place and I apologize. I had this problem with the new Laura Lee Guhkre novel and it bothered me the entire time.


Monday, November 03, 2008

More to Come

I have much to report on. I've been a bit MIA with this blog but promise I will be back in full force soon. I've read several novels in the last few weeks; my reading mojo is back and I'm so glad. I read a book (new Boyle book) I was ready to throw away about a week ago. I persisted and am so glad I did. More on that later. I recently came back from a trip of a lifetime which I will also write about soon and post some pictures.

In the meantime, tomorrow are the elections. Anyone else glad they're almost over? They've been going on for what feels like years.

Several reviews and posts to come in the next few days. Thanks for all your patience.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Never Romance a Rake

Baron Rothewell lives a dark, shuttered existence by day, and a life of reckless abandon by night. Scarred by a childhood filled with torment and deprivation, Rothewell cares very little anyone or anything. His life on the edge of ruin suits him—until he meets a man who just might be his nemesis. The Comte de Valigny likes to play deeply and dangerously, but Rothewell’s recklessness is undeterred. Until one night when de Valigny wagers something just a little more valuable than gold.

Mademoiselle Marchand is a desperate woman in a strange land, and her pleading eyes seem to swallow Lord Rothewell body and soul—assuming he still has one. Now the baron must play his hand with the utmost care, for at last something meaningful is at stake .

Honestly, had I read this novel before the Quinn book, I would have quite possibly shut down this blog and abandoned romance novels altogether. I don't know what it is about this book. I just could not get into it, which is sad because I was looking forward to Rothwell's story ever since I first got a glimpse of him in the first book of the series. In NEVER ROMANCE A RAKE, he's depicted as a pathetic drunk with an ulcer, who thinks he has cancer. He never sleeps, eats nothing and basically looks like Christian Bale's character in THE MACHINIST. Hot!

He's on a death wish and living on the edge. He's a man of the night, bitter and guilt ridden because he boinked his brother's wife when he was 19. Of course, his brother and sis in law later died in a fire and he's been feeling guilty ever since. YAWN! Haven't I read this story before? And if I didn't, did I have to? Ugh...the story was awful. I've read stories about men slowly killing themselves. As a matter of fact, I read an exceptionally good one by Loretta Chase called LORD OF SCOUNDRELS. That was a masterpiece. The hero was likeable. This one here...not so much. I wanted him to die. That's how much I disliked his constant cries for pity (masked as tough guy talk, of course).

The heroine...I don't quite know why I disliked her. She was fine. She was smart, not a damsel in distress. I guess she just didn't make sense with him. She and the hero weren't compatible in the slightest. She was totally forgettable. I saw nothing exceptional with her depiction.

There was a shocking surprise at the end of the novel which wasn't even shocking. How about 100% predictable?

Overall, the book isn't terrible (ok..I already said it was awful...maybe it's a little terrible). It isn't amazing either. Like the heroine, the book is totally forgettable.

I'm shocked Carlyle wrote it. I had to look at the cover to make sure her name was actually on it. I can't recommend it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Lost Duke of Wyndham

Will the real Duke of Wyndham please stand up?

Jack Audley has been a highwayman. A soldier. And he has always been a rogue. What he is not, and never wanted to be, is a peer of the realm, responsible for an ancient heritage and the livelihood of hundreds. But when he is recognized as the long-lost son of the House of Wyndham, his carefree life is over. And if his birth proves to be legitimate, then he will find himself with the one title he never wanted: Duke of Wyndham.

Grace Eversleigh has spent the last five years toiling as the companion to the dowager Duchess of Wyndham. It is a thankless job, with very little break from the routine... until Jack Audley lands in her life, all rakish smiles and debonair charm. He is not a man who takes no for an answer, and when she is in his arms, she's not a woman who wants to say no. But if he is the true duke, then he is the one man she can never have...

I was starting to lose hope, after the fiascos which were the last two Bridgerton novels (hold your horses, Quinn fans, I love Quinn, too, but the last two were garbage!). Quinn's THE SECRET DIARIES OF MISS MIRANDA CHEEVER gave me much hope for a literary comeback and that hope was not disappointed.

I loved THE LOST DUKE OF WYNDHAM and for the first time in a long time I actually want to keep on reading romance novels. I was definitely not in the mood for anything romance related for a while. When I first read about Quinn's new novel, I was initially reluctant to read it for fear THE SECRET DIARIES was merely a fluke incident. I was afraid THE LOST DUKE would be terrible, perhaps even as bad as IT'S IN HIS KISS (which I nearly ripped to shreds upon completion). However, I gave Quinn another chance and wow...she did not disappoint, not even close.

The hero is as romantic as they come and the heroine is right for him on so many levels. The novel is of the "love at first sight" variety with the hero knowing from the start that he wants the heroine as his for good. Of course, there's the struggle with emotion that is typical of any romance novel, but altogether I was not aggravated or displeased by it. Often times, writers take this too far and leave me exhausted and angry by the time they decide to unite the lovers for good. Not the case here. If you want love that is simple and without the five million ridiculous obstacles thrown in to fill in ten chapters, then THE LOST DUKE is for you.

The heroine's overly compassionate nature irked me at times, but overall I enjoyed the book immensely and look forward to its sequel, to be released October 2008.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Carlyle's Lady Sharpe

Lady Pamela Sharpe is everywhere in Liz Carlyle's most recent trilogy. Former heroine?

Coming Soon

Reviews for:

3. Liz Carlyle's NEVER ROMANCE A RAKE.

Started an online journal, in case anyone's interested. See LOST IN WONDERLAND in the Links. Only two short posts so far, but I'm sure they'll increase at an alarming rate. I moved back in with my parents a few months ago, after being on my own since college. I have a feeling blogger won't be able to handle all the posts I'll end up writing. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mr. Cavendish, I Presume

Oh my goodness. I'm not even halfway done with the first novel of the above series and I'm already thinking about the second. I simply cannot wait 'til October 2008 when the novel is released. Julia Quinn is one of the authors who got me hooked on romance. I'm so glad she's back writing amazing literature. least, I hope it's good. I was disappointed with the last two books in the Bridgerton series. This series sounds very promising though and the novel above...oh, dear. I can't stand it. I'm so excited. I hope to see it in stores before my trip to Central Europe (More to come about my trip later). I'm leaving September 12 and am praying for a miracle. I need to read this on the plane. I must I must I must! As you can tell, my excitement for romance is back. I was a bit disillusioned and not even remotely inclined to read a romance novel for a while. That and a series of personal tragedies brought my life to a stand still. Now things are slightly back to normal. But enough about me.....

Here's a little sneak peek into MR. CAVENDISH, I PRESUME from Quinn's website:

There went the bride...

Amelia Willoughby has been engaged to the Duke of Wyndham for as long as she can remember. Literally. A mere six months old when the contracts were signed, she has spent the rest of her life waiting. And waiting. And waiting...for Thomas Cavendish, the oh-so-lofty duke, to finally get around to marrying her. But as she watches him from afar, she has a sneaking suspicion that he never thinks about her at all...

It's true. He doesn't. Thomas rather likes having a fiancée—all the better to keep the husband-hunters at bay—and he does intend to marry her...eventually. But just when he begins to realize that his bride might be something more than convenient, Thomas’s world is rocked by the arrival of his long-lost cousin, who may or may not be the true Duke of Wyndham. And if Thomas is not the duke, then he’s not engaged to Amelia. Which is the cruelest joke of all, because this arrogant and illustrious duke has made the mistake of falling in love...with his own fiancée!

Ahhhh....I feel like a little kid. My stomach has butterflies already.

Back to Romance

Finally back to romance....currently reading Julia Quinn's LOST DUKE OF WYNDHAM. I love it so far. I'm also planning a small shopping spree at my favorite used book store this week. Yay! Will post my review of Quinn's book once I'm done.

Has anyone read the latest Carlyle or Chase? I almost bought the books today but ended up putting them away and only getting the Quinn.

Friday, July 11, 2008

More Patience?

I'm trying not to be annoyed with Lorraine Heath, especially since I've always thoroughly enjoyed her novels but THIS angers me in so many ways. I'm livid. So when exactly will the new book in the Rose series be out? Why do I even care? I need to stop reading series books. Unfortunately, authors can't help themselves from writing them. I like the way Jenna Petersen and Julie Anne Long work; new books are constantly coming out. I seriously can't keep up with them. Trust me...this is a good thing.

And yes, I promised I would write more and haven't. I have a good reason...I haven't read any romance novels. I need to finish a Mary Queen of Scots bio and then I'm ready to take a dip once again into the waters of romance (ugh...I'm so cheesy).

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

True Romance of the Month: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Just a couple of chapters and I will be finished with a biography on Queen Victoria. I never realized how lucky she was, in a period dominated by loveless marriages, to find a soul mate in her husband Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg Gotha. Theirs was a true love story that never really died, not even when he passed away at a young age, leaving Victoria a widow at 42.

I have to say that I was a bit shocked at how obsessed Victoria was with her husband. It was borderline unhealthy. She even blamed her son, Edward VII, for his death (Prince Albert was upset upon learning that his son had engaged in sexual activity with a woman of ill repute) and disliked having her children around initially because they got in the way of her having her husband all to herself. What a woman!

Heroines and Miscellaneous

I don't like heroines in their late thirties.

I've yet to read a novel in which said heroine is interesting. She's always screwed up in some way and incredibly self-righteous. Apparently, there were no feisty hot blooded women in their thirties back in the Regency or Victorian periods....only sulky frustrated virgins who made their men's lives a living hell.

This is just a rant. I'm currently debating reading the latest Mary Balogh and I hear the heroine is a dull piece of work. Makes me angry primarily because the hero is so dreamy (he's been featured in other Balogh novels).

I need to read a good romance novel. I've been immersed in historical biographies for the last month. My most recent read is a biography on Queen Victoria. Wow...incredible woman.

I need to revamp my TBR list. Hear Julia Quinn's latest is amazing and must must must buy the recent contemporary Kleypas, as well as catch up on all the romance news.

More to post this weekend, trust me!

Monday, June 09, 2008


I'm currently reading a historical biography on the daughters of George III; they are also the beloved sisters of the man known in romance novels as "PRINNY," George IV, who ruled the British Empire as regent until the death of his father.

George III had several daughters and could have easily married them off to gain political alliances during an exceptionally turbulent time in European history, yet he did not. The man was affectionate and loving, but soon became affected by a hereditary metabolic disease which left him in no place to make decisions. It was only when the princesses were older, their brother having taken over as regent, that they finally were able to break free. George III's tale is told well in the film THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE. He was, by all intents and purposes, mad! Terribly sad story.

While George III rejected suitor after suitor for his daughters (no one was good enough or he wanted to wait 'til a better political time), their mother didn't allow the women to even leave the palace. She wanted them with her at all times and had a fit whenever one of them wanted to go into London. The daughters wanted to marry and have children. The Queen would not allow it because it might upset their father and make him more mad. Gosh, it was awful! Talk about selfish!

I recommend the book if one wants to get an inside look at the court of the time. The book is filled with letters written by the princesses to their confidantes, lovers and teachers. Just be prepared to be angry for most of it and sad for the happiness denied the princesses. The princesses start out very hopeful for the future; they each dream of love and a happily ever after. The letters soon change tone and they seem almost resigned to their state. Most of them eventually married, although later in life. The story will tear you to pieces. The queen is not at all depicted in a positive light. What a absolute wench!

Friday, May 30, 2008

No More Patience

Frustrated and annoyed doesn't even come close to how I feel about the latest chapter of the PATIENCE saga, starring Lisa Valdez. Apparently it's not coming out anytime soon. I don't even know why I'm so surprised. I'm already picturing the "novel" as more a collection of post-its than completed manuscript. I don't know what's been going on with Ms. Valdez. It's a big mystery. We've heard the "writer's block" excuse and I'm starting to question even that. When a reader feels betrayed, it's hard to win them back as a fan. I will, if the book ever comes out, read PATIENCE but no longer do I feel excited and over the moon at such a prospect. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm older (I feel like it's been 20 years since PASSION was published) and I have different worries, priorities and excitement inducing stimuli....or perhaps...perhaps I'm so royally pissed up, that I want to subconsciously punish the author for leading me on and making me believe time and time again that I would "any day now" get to read her newest masterpiece because that's what I thought once upon a time.

When PASSION came out, the breath was knocked out of me, it was so good. It was like no other romance novel I had ever read. It gave me butterflies and sensations I only thought could be achieved in one's imagination. I expected the same from PATIENCE. Heck, there was even a steamy excerpt in the back of PASSION to give me a little taste of what was ahead. What happened to that? Do authors throw in excerpts of books that are no where close to being completed in their current novels? I don't understand how the publishing world works, but if that's the case, I'll refrain from reading them in the future. How about I do that here on my blog? Jot down a few sentences I've scrambled together through the years, tie them together and then announce that my novel will be coming soon to a book store near you. Of course, it will come soon. How soon really depends on your definition of the word SOON. My definition is WHENEVER SOME PUBLISHING COMPANY OFFERS ME A DEAL, which could be in 30 years. So yeah..just sit and'll come soon.

I'll also be a bit more wary next time I read an email or newletter update written by Ms. Valdez. She's been saying the book is in the works, getting its finishing touches, blah, blah, blah, for over 3 years now. Sure, Ms. Valdez, I completely believe you. Yeah, sure.

I don't know what kind of problems Ms. Valdez has had. Could be anything...a death in the family, divorce...whatever. My thoughts are with you. However, please refrain from giving your reader false hopes that they'll be reading the 2nd book of your trilogy (and that begs the question of when the hell the last novel, PRUDENCE, will be out) in this decade. I'm starting to think that this will never happen.

I hope Ms. Valdez doesn't come across this post and take it the wrong way. She should be flattered to evoking so much emotion from her readers. If she gets upset by any of the angry comments, she should really rethink her choice of profession. Getting angry fan mail, unflattering reviews are all part of the wonderful world of writing.

Oh...and by the way, what incited this post was a comment I received in another one of my posts attaching a letter written by Lisa Valdez, addressed to her fans. Thank you to ANONYMOUS! And yeah, I agree...WTF? Check it out:

April 30, 2008

Gracious Readers,

I had hoped to announce today (4-30-08) that the once and for all, never to be revised, re-written, re-analyzed, re-worked (except at Cindy's request) version of PATIENCE was turned in. Alas, I'm not quite there. However, I am VERY close. One day, I will talk more about the struggles with this book, and all the beginnings I wrote that weren't really the beginning. But for now, all I can say is that PATIENCE is more than a book, it's a virtue. And though you are likely as parched for PATIENCE as my sainted editor, I beg your indulgence for just a bit longer.As soon as I have at last released the final manuscript from what will, no-doubt, be my reluctant hands, I will post that I have done so. I will also post the moment I have a release date from Cindy.Also, as some of you are aware, my web-site went down temporarily. Unfortunately, I lost my whole address book. So, even if we've been in touch in the past, please join my Yahoo Group. Then, as soon as I have news I will send an announcement there first.Many thanks to all of you for your continuing support . . .

Ciao bellas, Lisa

Whatever...the ciao bella isn't going to make me less annoyed.

Sybil's blog has some pretty good commentary on the matter as well:

I agree with Sybil 100%; Ms. Valdez is destroying her career. In any other profession, she would have been fired a long time ago.

Don't You...Forget About Me

Hello to whatever's left of my blog readership! I've been MIA for months primarily due to a death in the family and loss of any kind of willingness to read anything remotely romantic. I've missed blogging a great deal and will get back to it next week. I have to address the Lisa Valdez PATIENCE debacle, among other things. Readers have been pretty patient with Ms. Valdez. Honestly, at this point, I don't remember anything about her first novel, PASSION. Do I care whether the book will ever come out? Not anymore. Am I pissed for the run around? Yes...most definitely.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Carrot Top

Is Jacquie D'Alessandro's Avon's ugly red-headed stepchild or something? She's a great writer. Unfortunately, Avon's Art Department seems to enjoy giving her the shaft with deformed heroines that are far from pleasing to the eye (ok...I might be exaggerating, but they're not HOT). Is she being punished for something?

Kathryn Caskie just got to Avon and she's getting SEX basically stamped on her books!

Jacquie, if I were you, I'd demand some red covers and hotter heroines. Just a thought!

One at a Time, LADY!

I don't get it. What is UP with writers these days? I have to wait three flippin' years to read Book 2 of Lisa Valdez's exciting series about three sisters (still waiting; it's supposedly out in May 2008, but I'm not holding my breath. I've heard that one before). The first novel, PASSION, came out in July 2005. YES, this is no typo! 2005! I kid you not! PASSION was incredible but apparently, some tight wads' panties got a little too twisted and they started writing nasty letters to the author ripping her a new one for writing what they thought was porn...or I guess for not warning them that the book would contain some sex scenes. Yeah, I know. Sex scenes in a romance novel....what will they think of next?!?

These idiots gave Valdez writer's block. She couldn't write after that, took it personally and turned in her second book late! The book was delayed...quite a bit. NOW FINALLY (and hopefully) we'll get to read her new book in May. Hopefully, the judgmental pricks didn't ruin it for everyone and the story will be as good and sex-filled as PASSION (yeah, I want the sex DAMMIT!). I also hope Valdez will grow more of a spine and perhaps not participate in message boards talks (a lot of tight wads attacked her in ALL ABOUT ROMANCE boards). Write your book and take a vacation! Trust me, if Book 2 is as good as Book 1, you're as good as gold!

In addition (yeah, I'm full of advice today), Lisa Valdez should learn to update her website a bit more often. It's like she's fallen off the face of the earth. Is your book coming out or what? Her site hasn't been updated since May 2007. I know she's busy and all, but it would nice to know with CERTAINTY that her book is indeed coming out in May of 2008!!! PATIENCE is still showing up as a 2007 publication. Please update or you'll lose your fans NOT because you're untalented (BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZINGLY TALENTED AND GIFTED...DON'T EVER STOP WRITING), but because your fans will simply FORGET about you. PRIMROSE, Book 3 of the series, will probably be published when I'm in my 50s (a long long long time away, trust me) at this rate.

But the post is not really about Lisa Valdez and the morons who apparently felt forced to read the sexually explicit book (if you don't approve with a book, put it away or return it to your local bookseller, ASSHOLE!), it's about Lorraine Heath and her need to start a new series without finishing another. Now, her recent Roses and Rogues series is nowhere close to being the amazing gift from God that her Texas series was (DESTINY, ladies know what I'm referring to), but it's not terrible and I was looking forward to its end. Well, apparently, Heath is either having writer's block or her publishing house (Avon, duh!) wants to make sure she suckers in even more readers with a new series. I honestly have no clue. I can't seem to get any feedback on the avon boards. I'm annoyed...extremely annoyed. Do I have other things to do besides reading romance novels and being irritated at writers I don't know from Adam? YES! Does this mean I shouldn't be even slightly annoyed to have to wait forever for the conclusion of a series? NO!

WTF, people? Finish a series before you start a new one. I don't get it! Did you really have no ideas for the last book? Hmmm...why don't you just recycle the usual ones? It's not like romance novels lately are so groundbreaking or original. A good ruined horny debutante virgin story will do nicely. Just finish the series and then move on to the next! Baaaaaaaaaaaah!

If anyone knows what the hell is going on, let me know. I'm confused.

By the way, I'm ready to put a missing persons' ad out for Judith Ivory.

UPDATE: Ok...after a bit of thought, I have to say that I'd rather have a book...any Heath waiting for me at the book stores than none at all. I guess I can wait for Roses and Rogues to end at a later date. I just really want to finish the series. If Heath doesn't have a story just yet, then I can move on and read the next series. See...I'm not that unreasonable, right?!? It better be good though!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

North and South

Apparently, there's been much talk recently of BBC's NORTH AND SOUTH miniseries which I own, of course, and following which I became madly in love/lust with Richard Armitage (my new ideal man...sorry, Gerard're out). It got me to thinking of the epic 80s' miniseries of the same name, starring Patrick Swayze, James Read and Lesley Anne Downe. I was a child at the time and I remember sneaking into the living room, wanting to watch the saga. My parents would always catch me, so I had to settle for watching the taped episodes on weekends.

Can anyone top the love stories depicted in this miniseries? To this day, my heart still beats strongly whenever I hear the theme music composed by the great Bill Conti. Check this one out on netflix or at your local video store. You won't be sorry! And just a word of advice, there's a North and South, Part 3, Heaven and Hell, out there. DO NOT SEE IT! Trust's not worth it. To be honest, it destroys the rest of the miniseries. It was filmed in the 90s and contains characters never mentioned in the 80s series. It's terrible. I pretend it doesn't exist. You should, too!

Check out NORTH AND SOUTH, Book 1 and Book 2 only. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Small Dose of Reality

Imagine having a friend who:

a) recently separated from her spouse,
b) has a major crush on a co-worker,
c) claims she wants to be alone to find herself, since she's never been alone,
d) spent NYE with the co-worker she wants to bang.

What would you say to her? Keep in mind she's still married. First she says she's going to be alone and focus on herself and then I find out she's meeting the new guy's friend. SHE'S STILL MARRIED!!! I love her to death, but she's saying one thing and doing something else. It's driving me nuts because she's not even divorced and I'm getting all self-righteous on her ass because her hubby is a nice guy (she just fell out of love) and I feel like she being totally disrespectful. I don't know how to talk to her. I don't want her to get hurt either. Yeah, I know these are her mistakes to make...her life, but I'm the one who has to hear her talk about this new guy and then in the same breath claim she's not dating him. Sure....yeah, right!

I want to help her. I know I can't. I do need to talk to her w/o saying something I will regret. How would you handle it?

Oh..and BTW that new Julianne MacLean book stinks as much as that crap by Dodd I read recently. Review to come!