Monday, November 17, 2008

Masquerading the Marquess

This is the first book written by Anne Mallory so I'll try to be nice.

The plot is all over the place and I never felt I quite knew the heroine; her personality and MO changed so many times I thought I was dealing with Sybil, the Queen of Multiple Personalities. Initially, the story wasn't bad. The heroine was working as a lady's companion and I didn't mind that at all. She sees the hero and can't stop looking at him. Good...good...I like where this is going....where it was going. Next thing I know, she fired and I find out that the heroine does caricatures and she's decided she's going to make the hero's life hell because she believes he was the reason behind her firing. I don't even know why she thinks that. ANNOYING WENCH!!! But wait...this chick's not done yet. This woman is a jack, or jill, of all trades. I turn for a second and she's all of a sudden affiliated with the theatre world....turn another second and she's helping some special agent. WTF is going on here?

I had no choice but to skim most of the book, waiting for it to get good (i.e. for the heroine to get laid). It happened towards the end and I'm surprised I held on for so long. I don't usually want immediate sex in a novel, but that seemed to be the only thing to look forward to here and I admit the bits of foreplay in the carriage proved entertaining.

I wouldn't recommend the book, unless you're curious to know what a rough draft published as a book looks like. I started reading the author's THREE NIGHTS and love it so far, so the author might only be suffering from the curse of having terrible editors.

Skip it if you have it in your used book pile. I'm selling mine back to the UBS.

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