Friday, August 01, 2008

Never Romance a Rake

Baron Rothewell lives a dark, shuttered existence by day, and a life of reckless abandon by night. Scarred by a childhood filled with torment and deprivation, Rothewell cares very little anyone or anything. His life on the edge of ruin suits him—until he meets a man who just might be his nemesis. The Comte de Valigny likes to play deeply and dangerously, but Rothewell’s recklessness is undeterred. Until one night when de Valigny wagers something just a little more valuable than gold.

Mademoiselle Marchand is a desperate woman in a strange land, and her pleading eyes seem to swallow Lord Rothewell body and soul—assuming he still has one. Now the baron must play his hand with the utmost care, for at last something meaningful is at stake .

Honestly, had I read this novel before the Quinn book, I would have quite possibly shut down this blog and abandoned romance novels altogether. I don't know what it is about this book. I just could not get into it, which is sad because I was looking forward to Rothwell's story ever since I first got a glimpse of him in the first book of the series. In NEVER ROMANCE A RAKE, he's depicted as a pathetic drunk with an ulcer, who thinks he has cancer. He never sleeps, eats nothing and basically looks like Christian Bale's character in THE MACHINIST. Hot!

He's on a death wish and living on the edge. He's a man of the night, bitter and guilt ridden because he boinked his brother's wife when he was 19. Of course, his brother and sis in law later died in a fire and he's been feeling guilty ever since. YAWN! Haven't I read this story before? And if I didn't, did I have to? Ugh...the story was awful. I've read stories about men slowly killing themselves. As a matter of fact, I read an exceptionally good one by Loretta Chase called LORD OF SCOUNDRELS. That was a masterpiece. The hero was likeable. This one here...not so much. I wanted him to die. That's how much I disliked his constant cries for pity (masked as tough guy talk, of course).

The heroine...I don't quite know why I disliked her. She was fine. She was smart, not a damsel in distress. I guess she just didn't make sense with him. She and the hero weren't compatible in the slightest. She was totally forgettable. I saw nothing exceptional with her depiction.

There was a shocking surprise at the end of the novel which wasn't even shocking. How about 100% predictable?

Overall, the book isn't terrible (ok..I already said it was awful...maybe it's a little terrible). It isn't amazing either. Like the heroine, the book is totally forgettable.

I'm shocked Carlyle wrote it. I had to look at the cover to make sure her name was actually on it. I can't recommend it.


Marg said...

Oh that's disappointing. I normally like Carlyle's writing.

romancelover said...

I do, too...I just didn't connect with the characters. This has never happened to me before. The plot isn't completely terrible, but the characters together...I just don't understand it. I really disliked the book. I loved the other two in the series and expected this to be amazing because Rothwell was so dark and a bit of jerk in the other ones. Ugh...maybe my expectations were too high.

I hope her next one is better!

Sarai said...

Oh good to know. I don't think I cared for the first one but thought I was in a funk maybe the author and I just don't have chemistry.
Thanks for the honest review

sybil said...

I loved it muchly ;)

romancelover said...

Huh...I seem to be one of the few who disliked the book. Most of the review sites gave it a thumbs up...

Keira said...

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sybil said...

Hello! shouldn't this be updated?