Wednesday, January 02, 2008

North and South

Apparently, there's been much talk recently of BBC's NORTH AND SOUTH miniseries which I own, of course, and following which I became madly in love/lust with Richard Armitage (my new ideal man...sorry, Gerard're out). It got me to thinking of the epic 80s' miniseries of the same name, starring Patrick Swayze, James Read and Lesley Anne Downe. I was a child at the time and I remember sneaking into the living room, wanting to watch the saga. My parents would always catch me, so I had to settle for watching the taped episodes on weekends.

Can anyone top the love stories depicted in this miniseries? To this day, my heart still beats strongly whenever I hear the theme music composed by the great Bill Conti. Check this one out on netflix or at your local video store. You won't be sorry! And just a word of advice, there's a North and South, Part 3, Heaven and Hell, out there. DO NOT SEE IT! Trust's not worth it. To be honest, it destroys the rest of the miniseries. It was filmed in the 90s and contains characters never mentioned in the 80s series. It's terrible. I pretend it doesn't exist. You should, too!

Check out NORTH AND SOUTH, Book 1 and Book 2 only. Enjoy!!!


Marg said...

I was in love with Patrick Swayze, but also the other bloke, for years on the basis of this mini-series, and absolutely devoured the books!

I would love to watch it again. It was rereleased on DVD in the US a couple of year ago or so, but wasn't rereleased here unfortunately!

Kristie (J) said...

I watched some of this way back when - when it first aired. I don't remember much though. Not long ago a friend got it and we watched some of it. Sad to say, I wasn't that impressed and I think that's one reason it took me so long to watch The Other North and South. I thought it was the same story.

nath said...

I love North and South (this series)! It was awesome, great cast and all those nice costums... and I agree with you, do not watch part III.

The books were great too.