Friday, May 30, 2008

No More Patience

Frustrated and annoyed doesn't even come close to how I feel about the latest chapter of the PATIENCE saga, starring Lisa Valdez. Apparently it's not coming out anytime soon. I don't even know why I'm so surprised. I'm already picturing the "novel" as more a collection of post-its than completed manuscript. I don't know what's been going on with Ms. Valdez. It's a big mystery. We've heard the "writer's block" excuse and I'm starting to question even that. When a reader feels betrayed, it's hard to win them back as a fan. I will, if the book ever comes out, read PATIENCE but no longer do I feel excited and over the moon at such a prospect. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm older (I feel like it's been 20 years since PASSION was published) and I have different worries, priorities and excitement inducing stimuli....or perhaps...perhaps I'm so royally pissed up, that I want to subconsciously punish the author for leading me on and making me believe time and time again that I would "any day now" get to read her newest masterpiece because that's what I thought once upon a time.

When PASSION came out, the breath was knocked out of me, it was so good. It was like no other romance novel I had ever read. It gave me butterflies and sensations I only thought could be achieved in one's imagination. I expected the same from PATIENCE. Heck, there was even a steamy excerpt in the back of PASSION to give me a little taste of what was ahead. What happened to that? Do authors throw in excerpts of books that are no where close to being completed in their current novels? I don't understand how the publishing world works, but if that's the case, I'll refrain from reading them in the future. How about I do that here on my blog? Jot down a few sentences I've scrambled together through the years, tie them together and then announce that my novel will be coming soon to a book store near you. Of course, it will come soon. How soon really depends on your definition of the word SOON. My definition is WHENEVER SOME PUBLISHING COMPANY OFFERS ME A DEAL, which could be in 30 years. So yeah..just sit and'll come soon.

I'll also be a bit more wary next time I read an email or newletter update written by Ms. Valdez. She's been saying the book is in the works, getting its finishing touches, blah, blah, blah, for over 3 years now. Sure, Ms. Valdez, I completely believe you. Yeah, sure.

I don't know what kind of problems Ms. Valdez has had. Could be anything...a death in the family, divorce...whatever. My thoughts are with you. However, please refrain from giving your reader false hopes that they'll be reading the 2nd book of your trilogy (and that begs the question of when the hell the last novel, PRUDENCE, will be out) in this decade. I'm starting to think that this will never happen.

I hope Ms. Valdez doesn't come across this post and take it the wrong way. She should be flattered to evoking so much emotion from her readers. If she gets upset by any of the angry comments, she should really rethink her choice of profession. Getting angry fan mail, unflattering reviews are all part of the wonderful world of writing.

Oh...and by the way, what incited this post was a comment I received in another one of my posts attaching a letter written by Lisa Valdez, addressed to her fans. Thank you to ANONYMOUS! And yeah, I agree...WTF? Check it out:

April 30, 2008

Gracious Readers,

I had hoped to announce today (4-30-08) that the once and for all, never to be revised, re-written, re-analyzed, re-worked (except at Cindy's request) version of PATIENCE was turned in. Alas, I'm not quite there. However, I am VERY close. One day, I will talk more about the struggles with this book, and all the beginnings I wrote that weren't really the beginning. But for now, all I can say is that PATIENCE is more than a book, it's a virtue. And though you are likely as parched for PATIENCE as my sainted editor, I beg your indulgence for just a bit longer.As soon as I have at last released the final manuscript from what will, no-doubt, be my reluctant hands, I will post that I have done so. I will also post the moment I have a release date from Cindy.Also, as some of you are aware, my web-site went down temporarily. Unfortunately, I lost my whole address book. So, even if we've been in touch in the past, please join my Yahoo Group. Then, as soon as I have news I will send an announcement there first.Many thanks to all of you for your continuing support . . .

Ciao bellas, Lisa

Whatever...the ciao bella isn't going to make me less annoyed.

Sybil's blog has some pretty good commentary on the matter as well:

I agree with Sybil 100%; Ms. Valdez is destroying her career. In any other profession, she would have been fired a long time ago.


Dev said...

I've had Passion in my TBR pile for awhile now. This is exactly on of the reasons why. I guess it will just stay in Mt. TBR until Patience gets released.

romancelover said...

Dev -

PASSION is one of my favorite romances, that's why it pains me that it's taking so long for PATIENCE to come out. Valdez has upset a lot of readers and I doubt PATIENCE will be released. Apparently, after PASSION was released, she received a lot of angry comments from self righteous readers upset at the amount of sex in the novel. This led her to doubt herself and that's what created the PATIENCE mess, according to some sources. I have a feeling fear of releasing a flop is preventing her from getting her book done. Just a thought. If PATIENCE is released (in the yr 2030), readers will expect a book akin to Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice.

romancelover said...

Does anyone else find it ironic that this book is named PATIENCE?

Kristie (J) said...

There are too many other books out there to get caught up in the drama that is Patience. Yes, I liked Passion but I'm of the opinion that if Patience doesn't get published, it just doesn't get published and sad as it is, Lisa Valdez was a one book wonder author - happens sometimes. In the meanwhile, other Very Good Authors have come along to fill the whole. Authors like Joanna Bourne whose book, The Spymaster's Lady, I enjoyed even more and has a definite release date for her next one.

romancelover said...

I know, Kristie. You're 100% right. I was just really looking fwd to that book back when I first read PASSION. I need to get back to reading other authors though and I thank you for that rec. I will have to check that book out. Hopefully my UBS will have it. I'm saving $$$ right now, so books will either all be UBS purchased or checked out of the library. It's all about my own upcoming adventure which I'll post about the closer I get to it. :)

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