Friday, May 12, 2006

The Elusive Romance Author

What's the deal with anonymous authors ripping readers a new one? If a reader has to fear getting verbally beat down each time they decide to express an honest opinion on a novel they've had the misfortune to read, then SERIOUSLY what's the point of reader message boards? Cranky Reader and Dear Author report on this very disturbing trend in romance message boards. Why not just censor everything and call it a day?

Oh...and ROMANCE AUTHOR, the poster at the center of this mess, readers are entitled to their own opinions! Don't bother frequenting a reader message board, if you're easily offended.


Mailyn said...

that's the thing with forums I tell you, they never want to hear what you REALLY think about them lol.

anyways I deopped by just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Holly said...

Your link "ripping" didn't work...what was it about?

This makes me so angry, too!

Again, sorry I missed your Bday!