Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mariah Carey's movie GLITTER was the best movie ever made!!!

Yeah...imagine if every movie reviewer out there only fed you a load of BS. Imagine how much money you would spend watching terrible movies such as GLITTER or even Paris Hilton flicks.

Close your eyes and picture a world in which Siskel & Ebert or Ropert or whatever (still can't forget the Siskel & Ebert combo) give two thumbs up to everything they see....

Showgirls - Two Thumbs Up
Glitter - Two Thumbs Up
National Lampoon's Pledge This (with Paris Hilton) - A masterpiece
Date Movie - The Gone with the Wind of our generation

Apparently, someone over at Romancing the Blog is a little too tired of meanie reader review blogs. I'd be pissed at meanie publishing houses that approve everything presented to them, if I were her...

Check out Sybil's blog, if you don't know what I'm referring to.


Mailyn said...

That has to be the best title evah for a post!!! LOL!!!!

Holly said...

I agree with Mailyn. I've been cracking up again it since I saw it. *snicker*

Dylan said...

LOL..when I read the title I thought YOU were smoking crack but then I read the rest and now I know you don't...good for you. =) Do they ever blog about anything else other than the meanie review people with blogs?

I mean seriously? How many times can you read that post?