Friday, December 29, 2006

Alex and....Addison?

I needed to post this, although I'm sick again...this time getting over some bad sushi. I'm not surprised, considering that I was all ready to go out tonight and meet some new people, take a Mochi making workshop and what not. Whatever...hopefully I'll get better by 2:30. In any case, I had to vent....I saw a brief preview of Grey's Anatomy last night. Looks like Alex and Addison will get together. I'm pissed. Not only that, but I recently read that Izzy and McSteamy will get involved also. What the fa? Are the writers on crack? Maybe this is their way of getting Izz and Alex together. No clue...I'm just super annoyed and ill!

More to come...


Kristie (J) said...

I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with the character's names on GA to know who you're talking about :( I do know Meredith and Izzie - but that's it. I hope you get feeling better though and can make it out tonight!

romancelover said... stomach is all crampy! It's too late for me to go...I'm irritated.

I will be reading THE RAVEN PRINCE though soon.

Alex is the doc who likes Izzie...the hot one. He's been working with Addison lately (Addison is McDreamy's ex-wife). As to be expected, they're trying to pair them off. McSteamy is McDreamy's ex-best friend, the one who slept with Addison.

Devonna said...

I'd have to agree with you on that one.....although, Izzy and McSteamy may be interesting ~ I want Izzy and Alex back together again!

Jazz said...

Izzy and Alex will be a long time in coming thing. But for now I'm cool if that is how it plays for awhile. Addy and Alex and Izzy and Steamy. I can so see it. And I called it awhile ago. I'm just excited to see it's coming back. It's been to long with reruns. Ugg.

Dylan said...

I called this one...I'm so stoked that Alex and Addison are going to get some action together. I like it, I ultimately want Alex to end up with Izzy (although only God knows why as I can't stand this tramp right now but there you go) but not for a good long while.

I want them to explore other avenues before they get together. And I think the Alex/Addison and the Izzy/Mark angles are friggin' great! I want Izzy to foam a little for rejecting Alex, I want her to realize what she lost in Alex and I really want her to be jealous that Alex isn't pining away for her anymore...haha.

I love it!

Kate Smith said...

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