Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What the fa?

I almost passed out when I saw this picture. Yes, ladies…this is Clive Owen. What the fa? He looks like shit run over twice. What’s wrong with him? Is he depressed? Did he just get out of prison?

Clive, talk to me…talk to me.

Lisa Kleypas once said that Clive Owen was the inspiration for DREAMING OF YOU’s Derek Craven (only the best romance hero EVAAAA). Clive is not looking too good these days. He looks like the hero from Mary Jo Putney’s THE RAKE AND THE REFORMER (also called THE RAKE) after a drinking binge. So upsetting!!!


Kristie (J) said...

I'd say it's a look for a movie he's filming. Yes, that works, a movie

Avid Reader said...

Ewww. Now I must run and get out Sin City/Closer to watch again. To regain that "image" again.