Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Enigma that is Harriet Klausner

Ok...I don't know what Harriet Klausner is getting paid to give glowing reviews to every shitty book that hits the shelves. Is she getting a cut of Amazon profits? Avon's? No clue, but something's fishy. Some of the worst books out there get A's whenever she stumbles upon them.

For those new to reviews or even Amazon, please please please DO NOT TRUST HER AMAZON REVIEWS! I learned the hard way. I still shudder when I think of her recommended Laurens' novel ON A WICKED DAWN.

I recently found all of her reviews made me sick to read them. No offense to Ms. Klausner; I guess we all have different tastes, but give me a break. I don't think she's reading the same books I am! Check out her site:


Candice Hern said...

My biggest gripe about Harriet is that she too often includes spoilers in her reviews. I got so annoyed with that practice years ago that I stopped reading her reviews. A few years later I decided to see if she'd changed and read her review of a friend's mystery. Sure enough, she gave away the name of the killer.

romancelover said...

Are you serious? I'm surprised they allow her to submit reviews. I definitely learned the hard way not to trust her.