Monday, January 23, 2006

Last Week in a Nutshell

Several posts to come.

I have many comments about Jenna Petersen's SCANDALOUS, which I enjoyed up until the last two chapters. The reason: the heroine.

Read a romance set in medieval times (something I don't normally do because I'm obsessed with the Regency and Victorian periods) by Teresa Medeiros. The book is FAIREST OF THEM ALL and I highly recommend it. The hero is a little too alpha but, considering the period, it makes perfect sense and I like me an alpha man!!!

I also read two chapters from Anne Gracie's THE PERFECT RAKE and decided to put it down. I'm in the mood for something lighter and her book seems too intense for me at the moment.

Went to a UBS from heaven yesterday, introduced to me by a friend, a fellow romance lover! What a day and what incredible deals...again more posts to follow.

I'm at work, wishing I were at home, but still I AM at work and need to get some stuff done. Can't wait 'til lunch.


Candice Hern said...

What UBS did you visit? We have so few romance-friendly stores here in San Francisco. The only UBS I've found here in the city that carries romance is the one on West Portal.

romancelover said...

West Portal? I don’t think I’ve checked that one out. I hauled my butt from Russian Hill to frickin’ Judah (I think that’s what it was…I had to take underground MUNI!!!) I’ll definitely have to check out the West Portal one. I went to one in Petaluma called Petaluma Paperbacks…I have the phone number somewhere at home. I went to another one in Novato, where I managed to find 3 books for 75 cents (25 cents a piece). Pretty good deal!!! I normally go to a one in Antioch (East Bay), near my parents. Very good also! I highly recommend it. I don’t remember the names but I will check at home and post it. Also, I will be at one of your book signings. Your new book sounds pretty good. The fact that you left Avon will not affect your sales; you’ve got an awesome fan base and your books are quite good! No worries!