Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Ok...I went on to MSNBC this morning and they confirmed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are expecting. They look like a cute couple, but I worry about Jennifer Aniston. Girl looks seriously bitter! I guess I would be, too, if my ex were dating some hot woman who was about to have his kid...which reminds me...has anyone here read Stephanie Laurens' horrendous THE PROMISE IN A KISS?

The book is a prequel to the Cynster saga and covers the "love" story between Sebastian and Helena, parents to the five million Cynsters who apparently circulate Britain in the 1800s. If I'm not mistaken, the book was not published as the first book of the series, but came out only after a few of them had already hit the stores (so it's a prequel but isn't but is...whatever...I don't know). From the earlier books, we know that douche bag Sebastian cheated on his wife Helena a few years into their marriage. Well, actually...Laurens makes it sound like charity work on Sebastian's part. He felt sorry for some widow and did her a little favor! Yeah, I'm sure that's what Joey Buttafuoco told his now ex-wife, once upon a time. Anyhoo, the pity sex spawned Scandal Cynster (I think his name is Richard) who has his own book, SCANDAL'S BRIDE. Of course, Helena, being the door mat that she is, turns the other cheek, raises the child as her own and they all live happily ever after.

Sorry, if I had to throw the book out once I realized what was going down...I once mentioned my disgust for the story on the Avon board (this was a long time ago) and got verbally attacked by a few women who claimed that cheating was a reality of life and that it happens. True, it happens, I replied, BUT NOT IN ROMANCE NOVELS!!! Are they kidding? Why would I want to read a romance novel when I know the hero will cheat on the heroine in the future? I mentioned this and this one chick's panties really got into a twist; she accused me of living on Fantasy Island and what not...whatever.

I don't mind drug abuse, alcoholism in romance novels at all...but adultery? Give me a fucking break. No thanks! I'm not exactly sure what Stephanie Laurens was thinking or what she was smoking when she came up with this plot...just seems ridiculous! That was one of the first signs she was going off the deep end. The fact that she continues to write about the Cynsters is another. Gosh, I hate that family!!! Enough already!!!

I don't get why Avon doesn't recommend (i.e. DEMAND) that Laurens put an end to the Cynsters saga. Is anyone really excited about it anymore? Avon has a duty to its authors and right now it's in breach of it. Dirt bags!!!


Janet W. said...

Thrilled to be here! Am really enjoying your blog. Let me be truthful about this little piece of information in Scandal's story. I was still so new to the Cynster saga and still so caught up in their stories (I'm sorry - Devil Cynster's story is one of my all time faves) that I just did what I sometimes do: suspended my disbelief and ignored it! I agree though - her stories have really run out of steam (on every level) for me.

sybil said...

Well if they are still saling enough books to come out in HB, why should AVON stop them?

People are buying them, SL has books and characters she wants to write and people that are done with them have the choice not to buy them.

Simple. I think I have bought the last three used and this current one I borrowed. Never read any of them. But I have them. And I do love the first few.

Personally yeah I think things should end at some point but if the sales where there and you were enjoying a series and a publisher pulled the plug because some other readers thought what you loved sucked - wouldn't you be pissed? And really wouldn't that be all sorts of shades of wrong?

Kristie (J) said...

I've never read a complete Lauren's before. I started the first one and thought "whoah - this guy is way to dicatoriall for me" and couldn't finish it. From all the reviews I've read all her heroes are like that so she just isn't my cuppa, even in spite of the hot sex scenes I hear she writes