Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bloggers Beware

I just went on Romancing the Blog (see links – I’m still trying to figure out this whole blog business) and thought I would check out a few sites I don’t normally go on. I scrolled down the page and went to the AUTHOR BLOGS section and saw one called WICKED WOMEN. Now this is not safe for work folks…I clicked and almost had a heart attack once the image showed up. Very sexy but not at all appropriate for the corporate world (unless you work for Playboy). I’m better now…the initial shock is over.

A little birdie recommended I go to the FOG CITY DIVAS website for a feature on romance novel covers. Check it out, folks. The site is listed under links; just go to blog, once you get there. It’s a pretty good article/blog written by Candice Hern (little birdie and fellow San Franciscan), author of the award-winning ONCE A GENTLEMAN and the upcoming IN THE THRILL OF THE NIGHT (Feb’06). Thanks to Candice for letting me know about the story; I thought it was great and it got me thinking about AVON and some of their lame covers (not all, I actually like Lorraine Heath's and lately Elizabeth Boyle's covers very much). Candice Hern no longer writes for Avon; I praise the Lord for this. The cover of her new book is proof of this. I have to be honest and admit that, as much as I enjoyed her ONCE A series books, I hated the book covers. To be honest, the heroine in the ONCE A GENTLEMAN cover looks slightly sick and half asleep (the heroine was anything but). Whatever...I'm glad she (Ms. Hern) got out before it was too late.


Candice Hern said...

Thanks for the kind words about the ONCE books. For what it's worth, I hated all those covers, too!

To be honest, though, I won't know until next month if leaving Avon was a good idea or not. I got a lot more money, which was nice, and beautiful covers. But no romance publisher has the marketing machine that Avon has. I really miss all the promo that is built in to the Avon romance program. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new book will sell well.

Thanks for linking to the Fog City Divas blog. Blogging can be addictive, you know. :-)



Nicole said...

Well, I think just for that I'll go buy your book new when it comes out, Candice. In the first week :-) Must show support and all that.

Kristie (J) said...

You ready for another lesson? I can tell you how to create links in a blog if you want. Let me know. And thanks for the info about Candice Hern. I've now added it to my TBB list.