Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Amazon must be fuming. Liz Carlyle, in a newsletter to her fans, announced the re-release of her impossible to get novel A WOMAN SCORNED in June 2006. First Chase’s THE LION’S DAUGHTER (released January 2006), now this. How will they ever survive this crushing blow? Old worn out copies of A WOMAN SCORNED are currently selling at more than forty big ones, an insane amount to spend for a paperback! Fans, desperate to own all of Carlyle’s works find themselves scrambling to buy this rare piece (which I haven’t read but hear is not one of her best). STILL. TODAY. EVEN THOUGH IT WILL BE SELLING FOR $7 IN JUNE. Why? You ask. Well, because no one seems to know that the book is being re-released. It’s not listed on Carlyle’s website (although, honestly, if you really are a fan, you would be signed on to her newsletter and know this already) AND, obviously, you won’t find this bit of information on Amazon when you type in the name of the book.

I am delighted that the book will be released. I love Liz Carlyle and recently finished NO TRUE GENTLEMAN, an incredible book with a delicious hero and wonderful heroine. Carlyle’s characters are honest and straight forward in their dealings with each other, something we don’t often see in romance novels (at least, not in a majority of AVON books). All I ask for when I read a romance is intelligent lead characters and Carlyle certainly delivers.

That said, I am over the mood right now. The fact that A WOMAN SCORNED will be gracing book store shelves once again is good news indeed. All that remains is the rerelease (hopefully, one day) of Lisa Kleypas’ old books, which are hard to find even on Ebay!
I’m pleased with this current trend of re-releasing old novels. With the emergence of less than stellar works by some of our favorite authors -cough…Enoch…cough…Heath- it’s nice to know we won’t have to pay a bundle for the books that made us the romance lovers we are today.


Kristie (J) said...

See, I'm one of the lucky ones who discovered her from Day 1 and I have all of her books.

sybil said...

Really though it isn't to amazon. It is to the people selling the books themselves.

Isn't it? I thought all those used books being sold on Amazon, Ebay or are set up by regular ol people.

hmmm although I guess if you sell through Amazon they get a cut? Really I have no clue. I hord my books, used them in trade at ubs or give them to other fans.

I am too lazy to set up a 'shop' online and sell them.

Candice Hern said...

Count me as another who is glad to see so many good but hard-to-find books being republished. I was SO excited to see THE LION'S DAUGHTER by Loretta Chase (a goddess) on the shelves the week. I hadn't heard it was being re-issused, so I let out a little shriek when I saw it. And since you have that anti-Avon thing going, you might be pleased to know that though this book was originally published by Avon, Loretta must have gotten the rights back and re-sold them, since this re-issue is published by Berkley. So Avon will be missing out on what I expect will be a nice bit of sales. What a shame! :-)

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