Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to Everyone! I never did go to my parents' friends' place. Ended up doing my own thing. In any case, I'm still awake and I thought I would look up an author who debuted in 2005 (wow...I still can't believe it's 2006!): Lisa Valdez.

The author's debut novel was PASSION, which I consider one of the best books of 2005. PASSION is the first book in a quartet. Passion is the heroine of the first book; Patience and Primrose, her sisters, each have their own book as well. After playing around with the computer a bit, I learned from THE ROMANCE READER that "PATIENCE and PRIMROSE are scheduled for release June, 2006 and January, 2007." Valdez then plans on ending the series with CHARLOTTE. I don't remember there being a Charlotte in her first book; I don't know if she's a sister or cousin or friend or what. I'll have to reread PASSION and figure that one out.

Apparently, once the PASSION quartet is completed, Valdez plans on writing a Georgian romance, entitled THE RED RIBBON, "a stand alone book featuring an icy heroine by the name of Olivia Winterton, a charming and devil-may-care hero, James Markham, and a villainess, Marie de L'Amboise." Sounds like this author knows exactly what she's doing. She definitely doesn't seem to be suffering from any writers' block.

The fact that a romance novelist would provide this much information about future books is astonishing. I hate to say this but it's hard to get anything out of certain writers these days and by "certain writers" I'm referring to Julia Quinn; her novels are always surrounded by a shroud of secrecy ala Harry Potter. I hope her last Bridgerton book merits the secrecy because Hyacinth's story was, without a doubt, the worst book of 2005 (list to come).

Well, I better get back to the champagne and then B-E-D. Good night and happy 2006!

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sybil said...

She was the chick Marcus was suppose to marry before he found Passion. And I believe she is Passion's cousin.

I think...