Friday, January 27, 2006

Here We Go Again

I'd like to extend my profound thanks to Avon for postponing yet another book. Thanks a lot Fuckers!!! I recently read AFTER MIDNIGHT by Teresa Medeiros. Loved it! Was looking forward to book 2 in the series focusing on Julian and Portia (the brother of the hero and sister of the heroine in the first book). The book, in the COMING SOON section, indicates that its sequel will be released this summer. This was a big reason for me reading the book in January. Had I known the book would be postponed to the fall, possibly October or November, I would have waited 'til June or July! I am annoyed to say the least. As many of you know, I was more than a little ticked off when the scumbags postponed the much anticipated DEVIL IN WINTER by Lisa Kleypas. Now it's happening again. Damn you AGAIN Avon!!! Who the fuck is going to remember who the hell Julian and Portia are by then? I hate you!


sybil said...

LOL do you even for sure know it was Avon and not the author?

I know in Devils case it was push back from Avon. But in Ashworth's it was the author that needed more time.

Of course I haven't been by the avon book and didn't like this book. So I have no clue.

romancelover said...

LOL...I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Avon. From what I heard, it's too early for the book to come out in Spring (which is fine), but they were initially planning a Summer release, then they (Avon and Medeiros) couldn't resist a Halloween tie-in so they decided end of October would be a better idea. It makes sense when I think about it because the book's got this whole vampire theme going...yeah, it makes sense....BUT I normally run with my feelings and at the time I was annoyed and I thought I would express it through the blog.

sybil said...

Oh nothing wrong with that, tis your blog. I just like giving you a hard time ;). I do it with kristie to, you two avonhaters you.

And really I am not an Avon!cheerleader. I just don't think it is really evol AVON killing the books as much as the author. But hey I liked Duke of Sin and at least a few books from Avon last year... so what do I know ;)

Isabel said...

Ugh... to long to wait. I'll have reread to refresh my memory.