Monday, January 09, 2006


Ok…I shouldn’t really blame Avon for this, but it happened on one of their message boards, so I’m gonna do it anyway! A big rule everyone must follow when posting on a message board is alerting fellow readers of the possibility of spoilers…well, guess someone forgot this little rule, cause I just went on the Avon board, went to the subject VIRGIN HEROES and realized the hero of one of the books I have on my TBR list is a virgin…NICE! Now I don’t know if this little development will be pivotal to the story or what, but it pisses me off that I had to find out by reading it on a message board.

I’ll still read the book because it sounds pretty good, but…well, to be honest, I dislike books in which the heroes are sexually inexperienced. I don’t know why…I just detest these books (especially when out of nowhere they turn into frickin’ porn stars with all the right moves) and now I’ll subconsciously put the book at the end of my pile. I’m irritated beyond belief that I had to find out this way. I guess that’s the risk I took when I decided to peruse the various message boards, but still…argh! I’m annoyed! ARGH!

Damn you, Avon…DAMN YOU!


sybil said...

LOL What were you expecting the thread to be about when the subject is: Virgin Heros ;)

Which book is it? I read the thread earlier and it was up to two pages. One book I had read and so don't recall the VH.

I am a complete spoilerho so that sort of thing doesn't bother me at all.

romancelover said...

You're right, but normally someone puts SPOILER in the title...oh, well...sniff...I'll deal!

romancelover said...


Annabel's Kiss is the book

romancelover said...

oops...i got the title wrong...

Kiss Me, Annabel by Eloisa James

sybil said...

Ah I had already read that book. Turns out the one I was looking at thinking WTF was wrong.

Master of Desire was listed but they were thiking of another. Which made sense because I recall that one being a virgin, with good reason, well at least I could see it making sense.