Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Sweet Smell of Romance

It takes me a while to read medieval romances. I think it's the fact that I just can't imagine romance coupled with feces and urine littering the streets. Toilets and deodorants weren't around back then. It's easy to forget this when reading a regency or even a novel set in the Georgian era. People back then were so elegant that we just imagine them smelling very sweet (although this wasn't exactly the case). Clean streets and fresh air, while reading a romance set during medieval times, are a bit harder to envision.

In any case, I started BY DESIGN by Hunter on Sunday and I still haven't gotten past Chapter 3. I'm finishing it because it's supposedly a great book, but it's hard to get past the smells flooding my senses.


Avid Reader said...

Hey, I moved my blog! here is the link:

I realized a looonnnng time ago that Madeline Hunter was not for me. I did enjoy one of her books, forget which one, tho.


sybil said...

Love hunter ;) Of course not as much as Keishon, but it help's put keishon higher that she has books for me to steal.


By Arrangment was my fave med not sure which of the regency's... The Seducer or The Sinner I think.

romancelover said...

My friend loves THE ARRANGEMENT also and told me to just read the books out of order and start with that one. I want to do that but...I'm kinda anal retentive so...I'm going to try and finish BY DESIGN tonight at the laundromat...I hate the laundromat..why can't my bldg have one already? Argh!!!
I think I read THE SINNER or THE of thoses...can't remember. I thought it was good but not spectacular and I didn't get that MUST BUY ALL HER BOOKS NOW feeling that I got when I first read Kleypas or any of the other authors I read obsessively. I did purchase Hunter's LORD OF SIN, which I have not read yet, but I hear is so so...have you read it?

sybil said...

uh hon, you screwed up in two cases then :(

BY ARRANGEMENT was her first published and the first in the series:

By Design is the second in the series:

BUT her third published ;) Go figure. Info found there.

romancelover said...

Are you serious? worries because I dropped BY DESIGN and started reading BY ARRANGEMENT and so far I like it. Thanks Sybil!!!