Saturday, February 11, 2006


Deborah Simmons' THE DEVIL EARL is a MUST READ!!!

I am now determined to own all of her books. Too bad she doesn't seem to have gotten anything released in two years. Anyone have any news on her?


Kristie (J) said...

I might be wrong but I think she's still writing, just not for Harlequin anymore. I'm sure she had a book out this past year

sybil said...

She rocks as does this book. But I have to say The Last Rogue - last in this series was my very fave.
It goes:
The Vicar's Daughter -had a bitch of a time getting this one
The Devil Earl
Tempting Kate
The Last Rogue

Her site:
which could so use a redo... with upcoming or working on section - uh sez I :)

I have A Lady of Distinction but haven't read it yet. I have resisted picking up A Man of Many Talents, cuz I am so not a 'ghost' fan. No IDEA what she is working on now, or if she has any upcoming books with Berkley Sensations (ALoD was 2004).

The Officer's Bride a Harlequin Anthology is a great anthology, with really all three stories being pretty good. And an easy find in ubs.

I recently found her only Avon book and I think the first she published in 89 - Heart's Masquerade. Of course it is tbr.

romancelover said...

I bought 2 Simmons' books...not the ones you mentioned, although I was looking for them desperately! I think I might have to get the rest on ebay...I'll read what I have first though. I think I'm done with book buying for this month.
- Daniela