Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Woman Scorned

A WOMAN SCORNED by Liz Carlyle will be available for purchase by mid-March. The book will not be on book shelves unfortunately; fans will have to special order them at their book stores or get them via Amazon. Order yours today.


sybil said...

Doesn't that suck ass? I plan on having B&N here order me one. So I have no shipping ;). Cuz I don't have the money to order it now off amazon with free shipping and no tax.

I do like that cover better than the first one.

OH and if anyone wants they can also order it as an ebook:

sybil said...

You know I really do wonder why they are stopping the 3.99 reissue price after what? two or three...

And why they want to print less of a book reselling for 20-50 dollars. It isn't like the publisher or auther see any of that. Ok I shall shut up now ;)

romancelover said...

Who knows? I'm just glad my Carlyle collection will finally be complete. :)