Sunday, February 26, 2006

One Book for the Price of Two?

Is it just me or does Karen Ranney's Nov/Dec 2006 release, AUTUMN IN SCOTLAND, sound a little like Adele Ashworth's DUKE OF SCANDAL?

Judge for yourself:


(go to the excerpt...Ashworth has the summary for DUKE OF SIN attached to her new novel).

What do you think?


sybil said...

LOL no they don't sound anything alike really. Are you reading the summary or something in the excerpt?

I thought you were thinking of the LK novel where the hubby comes back from the dead and isn't really the hubby. I think... forget the name.

romancelover said...

I'm reading the excerpt of DUKE OF SCANDAL and then the brief summary Ranney gives for her book. The whole mistaken identity/hero looking like someone else part sounded a little familiar to me...maybe I need to rest. I just finished PRINCE CHARMING by Garwood...too long and not that great. Argh!