Sunday, February 26, 2006

Some Like It Sinful

SOME LIKE IT SINFUL is the second book in a series about rakes and rogues who gamble all day and are very good in bed. It'll be out June 2006. The author has a brief summary and excerpt on her site.

I'll probably end up reading it; the first book in the series was surprisingly good. The heroine wasn't an idiot...go figure.


sybil said...

Haven't read the first one yet, yes it is tbr Haven't seen the cover yet! Thanks.

Does a good job with following the theme but not sure if I like it.

Kristie (J) said...

Wow! Another author I've never heard of before. First Sybil finds one and now you. I'm going to have to get my pen and paper out and start writing! As I said to Sybil, a lot of these books by new or mid list authors never make it to the bookshelves here in Canada so I love it when they are brought to my attention.

sybil said...

kristie kristie kristie... you shall have to be dead to me today.

She use to write trads. I could have sworn you snarked at the cover but I would have to go search and shit. She has this pretty purple book and one more after. Then she has already signed with Zebra for another three books. So I hope she is good ;)

romancelover said...

SOME LIKE IT WICKED, the first book in this Hellion's Den series, is good. I bought it because of the cover, I admit it. It was really sexy and I knew it would be perfect for rainy days (because I'm still too shy about reading books with sexy covers out in the open). The book didn't insult my intelligence and I really had the butterfly feeling at the end of know that really warm, giddy feeling you probably got after reading Kleypas's DREAMING OF YOU. Gosh, that was a good one.