Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm a Bad Bad Girl

I don't know what came over me but I went to Walmart to get some popcorn and managed to come out of there with MacLean's PORTRAIT OF A LOVER and Jeffries's NEVER SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL. I forgot the popcorn. They were $10 together and I couldn't resist. Never mind the fact that I'm broke and I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more books 'til next week. Argh!

I haven't opened the books yet...they're still sitting in a small plastic Walmart bag. Sabrina Jeffries is a favorite of mine and MacLean...well, she has disappointed me in the past, but the book sounded decent, so I thought I would give her another chance. I hope she redeems herself with this book because if she fucks up one more time, I'm taking her off my TO BUY list.

I finished reading Julie Garwood's PRINCE CHARMING. The book was just blah; it gave me none of the warm and fuzzy feelings REBELLIOUS DESIRE did. It just plain sucked! It was about 200 pages too long; the hero and heroine didn't really do it for me. They weren't silly or spineless or dimwitted by any means, so I didn't really have that to hold against them. They just seemed like a regular couple; there was no real conflict, except for a villain you only really encounter at the end of the book for about two pages. I was more interested in the secondary love story. Big disappointment. Don't bother reading it.


Isabel said...

Prince Charming is not one of my favorites. It was just.. okay.

Grace said...

Ditto. I'm not a big fan of PC, I far prefer JG's historicals and even contemps to this one.

Holly said...

Ewww! You read Prince Charming? I'm so sorry (Dylan, don't you dare say a word..that book sucked and you know it).
If you're looking for a warm fuzzy, do a highlander book instead. The Bride and The Wedding.

Or Lyon's Lady is a good one.

Dylan said...

Holly hates everything and everyone, so it shouldn't be a surprise there! But me, I absolutely LOVED PC, it really is a hit or miss with most of the JG fanbase, I guess...but me personally, I thought PC was HECKA better than RB, I didn't care for RB one bit...

Lyon's Lady was blah to me, it was good but I wouldn't ever pimp it! Castles was much better IMO.