Saturday, February 25, 2006

Questions to Ponder

I own several Melody Thomas books. Well, actually...I own all of them. I've never read one, yet I insist on including her name on my TO BUY list. The reason is beyond me. What's wrong with me? Does this condition have a cure? Melody's next book is out April 2006. The cover...well, this is not the kind of book I would flaunt in the lunch room at work. Heroine looks like she getting ready to either let one rip or take it up the...whoaaaaaa...not gonna go there. Story sounds good. Maybe I should read one of her earlier ones before I get too excited. Anyone familiar with her works?

Like the cover of Julia Quinn's new book out this summer. Very classy and simple. The perfect book to read during my lunch break. Sorry, but I'm not brave enough to read a book that has a cover with two people who look like they're about to engage in some anal sex...sorry, can't do it, especially not at work. I'm already having a hard time warding off the stalkers and freaks there. I don't want to give them any thoughts (with me as the star of them). The heroine's name is Lucinda Abernathy. Does anyone else think it sounds just a tad bit familiar? Have we met her already? Was she introduced to us in last summer's stinker IT'S IN HIS KISS. I somehow think so. I might just have to suck it up and skim the book to death, so I can find out OR....I can just ask you for the answer. Please help!
I'm not sure if this is the cover of Kathryn Smith's new book out this July. It might be. All I know for sure is that I'd do anything to be the chick on the cover with too much red lipstick (or is it orange?) about to get her neck hickeyed to death (yeah, I made up a Where do you find one of these guys in real life?


sybil said...

Melody Thomas! Loved her two as Lori Morgan and have all the ones as Laura Renken but havn't read them yet. Very much enjoyed the last one, even from avon ;).

Looking forward to the next.

Did you see the JQ interview on KarenScott's blog? I meant to post it for you but can't member if I did.

I am sad Smith is doing a vamp. I LOVED her last book. I wish people would stop jumping to paranormals!

romancelover said...

I read the interview last night...gosh, I really hope Quinn's book is good.

Isabel said...

I can't wait for the new JQ although I'm sad the series will be over.

sybil said...

I hope it is good too, well for you guys, I have never read her ;)

Dylan said...

I kind of don't want JQ's book to come out because that means the end is more Bridgertons? Say it aint so!