Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! AAR has a review up for LADY OF SIN, the book with quite possibly the sexiest cover EVAAAHHH! They say it sucks (I'm paraphrasing here)! Damn! Will this stop me from buying it? I don't know...I'll wait 'til Sybil posts a review for it and see what she thinks!

AAR also reviews Christina Dodd's new book
THE BAREFOOT PRINCESS and I must say...it sounds good...really good. I'm tempted to get it. Of course, it'll have to wait 'til March because my funds are pretty low thanks to the brief moment of shopping psychosis that I suffered last Saturday.

Which reminds me...ok...I went to Barnes and Noble last night NOT because I was going to buy anything really...ok, I was...I wanted to buy Sylvia Day's new book and almost fell over! $14.00...the book is $14.00??? Are they crazy!?!?! Yes, it's larger than regular romances but, give me a break, it's not hardcover. Argh! I'm an obsessed book freak though and I will end up buying it anyway, I'm sure!

Review of Feather's VICE coming soon.


Megan Frampton said...

Amazon has BBA discounted to $11.20. Of course, to get free shipping, you've got to spend $25.

sybil said...


Preorder from Amazon or Books a Million, or just order from them.

And yes I really liked Lady of Sin. Will have the review up soon, I have about five almost done, two off to AAR and three for my blog. No wait that is backward. Anywho but I am stress as all get out - long story. And that should go away or get worse tomorrow.

But when I am in a funk, I sit on a review for a day or so, to make sure I am not taking out my mood on a book. But since tomorrow could bring very bad things... I hope to have them done, for the most part tonight.

sybil said...

oh! Also the book minx aka samatha has a b&n card and sez it works out to about the Amazon price on books. But I haven't really looked into that.

I did pay for a BAM card - they are 10 vs 25. But of course the closest store is in Dallas or Houston ;). So I have to order online. So I try to wait and order at least 25. But man really Books-A-Million has some great prices on Tradesize. With the card BBA! is $10.63, so is When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys and Valentine's Day Is Killing Me. And Hot Spell is $9.93 Secrets vol 6 is 9.73 Not Just for Tonight $9.74. The Pregnancy Test is $9.93. uh... not that I have been looking.

OK damn it I have been but really I am depressed and my fix for that is books! hmph.

of course there is that Amazon buy 3 get 4 thing right now... but trades don't count. But you could... never mind you shouldn't be buying books anymore than I should be.

Oh and BAM's prices on paperbacks don't match what you can get them for at Walmart. I hate Wallyworld but until I can afford not to I try to buy my new books there.

Holly said...

You know...

I heard a very nasty rumor not that long ago that all publishers are going to start releasing ALL books in the trade paperback size (that's the big $14.00 one you just looked at). Yes, ALL books.

Said rumor suggests that by the year 2007 there will be no more cute, normal sized, affordable paperbacks.


I'm still hoping it was a vicious lie, but I can't say for sure...

Holly said...

Oh...and will you get on with the JM's already? I'm DYING of curiousity here.

romancelover said...

Hold your horses...I'm almost done with SW...so good!!!

Megan & Sybil,
I need to do what you two are suggesting....it'll save me money...books are too much! Can't believe it!!!

Holly said...

WOOOHOOO! I can't wait.

Tara said...

It's gotten ridiculous. In addition to amazon, Target, Ebay and Walmart here's another option... shamless plug ahead! ...check out www.luvlibrary.com.
It's basically Netflix for romance novels. And it's about time!
It's happened in the music industry, it's happened in the movie industry and I think the time has come for the romance publishers. Fans have been being shamelessly ripped off - $10 FOR AN EASY TO READ PAPERBACK?!?! - for entirely too long.