Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Everybody Likes Lobster

I finished reading Hunter's BY ARRANGEMENT last night. I didn't like it. My friend has been recommending it for a while and I thought I would love it because we tend to have similar book tastes. I didn't love it...not even close. As a matter of fact, I think I'll re-sell it to my UBS. The love story between the lead characters was a good one; maybe I'm just not interested in the period it was set in (medieval). I have no clue. I can't really pinpoint what went was a good book. I just didn't care for it very much. It was a bit like lobster...everyone loves lobster; they would spend a fortune on a lobster, but I....I frickin' HATE LOBSTER.

I went through the books in my TBR. I have several. Couldn't decide what to read next, so I picked up some book by Nicola Cornick. I can't remember the title...something about a rake. It looks like a light read. I once read a Cornick story in an anthology and loved it, so at least I know the woman can write.

I have a lot of unknowns in my TBR, books that don't have reviews up on any of the sites, except AMAZON, and we all know how accurate some of those reviews are (see Harriet Klausner). I still am not in a Mary Balogh mood. I want something light and beautiful...not too fluffy. Any recommendations? Maybe I'm just in a funk of sorts...need some good reading.


Nicole said...

I hate lobster. I mean, who wants to eat a really big bug?

Light and fluffy and idea right now.

Holly said...

Light, fluffy and fun historical? Hmm..have you tried anymore Julie Garwood's? Most of hers are like that. Hannah Howell is great for that, too. I love her books.

romancelover said...

Going to my UBS on Saturday to buy more Garwood books…I really loved REBELLIOUS DESIRE!!! So good! I was hoping someone would mention a book that’s in my UBS pile and that fits the fun and fluffy criteria (this happened with NO TRUE sat in my TBR for about a year ‘til I picked it up and then I proceeded to kick myself in the arse for waiting so long).

Holly said...

Oh, and Lucy Monroe just recently started writing historicals. Her first one, Touch Me, is a great book! You should check that one out, too.

Janet W. said...

But you have to admit, The Arrangement was a sweet smelling medieval and baths played a pivotal role, right? I've just realised I am never going to read my Hunter Regencies ... and it's off to the UBS I go!

sybil said...

I LOVE lobster and the book ;)

And I second holly rec of garwood for light, fluffy fun The Bride or The Wedding come to mind.