Sunday, February 12, 2006

NO MORE, Says My Wallet

Maybe it's the fact that her name is mentioned everywhere I click, but Sylvia Day has somehow managed to become the next on my list of authors whose books I must have NOW!!! Unfortunately, I've decided to wait 'til March to buy new books, but you can be certain that once March 1st rolls around I will be at the nearest Barnes and Noble buying BAD BOYS AHOY!

She has a new book coming out in August called ASK FOR IT. Judging from the cover, the plot and the fact that BAD BOYS has been getting such awesome reviews, it looks like many fans will be asking for it. Gosh, I need to stop reading blogs...too many book recommendations and I'm just not strong enough to resist....

Currently reading VICE by Jane Feather. All I can say is that I'm on page 122 and I haven't fed the book to the neighborhood dogs yet. Review to come.


sybil said...

LOL I am working on my BBA! review now. You should wait and order it online or sign up for the borders/waldens newletter thingie. Unless you already have a discount card at B&N.

B/W are great about sending out coupons and I try, to never buy tradesize without a coupon or to plan on spending over 25 and order online.

I have all the Vbooks and think I have read Vice. If it is the one I was thinking of, I liked it but wouldn't think you would. Her older stuff isn't really fluffy fun but angsty, alpha, hero's who have a mistress or two :).

Of course I like feather (hit or miss really) and think I like the one you hated... if it was the first in the last series. I haven't gotten the most recent and prolly won't.

ag said...

Hmm ... that's one of Feather I haven't gotten to yet. Let me know how you like it.

I enjoyed Almost Innocent, and her last series - The Bride Hunt, The Bachelor List and The Wedding Game.