Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Need Book...NOW!!!

It's been two long days since I last touched a romance novel. My friend is in town for a visit and I think we've probably covered all of San Francisco on foot (I refuse to take cabs or buses when people visit). I'm exhausted (who wouldn't be?), broke (I spent all my money on books and now food because we HAVE to go out to eat all the time...argh!), stressed (work and family), broken out (I thought pimples ended in your teens?), getting sick (my voice is hoarse and my throat hurts a little). Sorry, had to any case, I haven't read a romance novel in two days and I'm feeling extreme withdrawal. Many good books are coming out next month and I look forward to continuing with my poverty "don't have shit to my name" streak. Books to buy, devour and hopefully enjoy in March?

Bad Boys Ahoy - Sylvia Day
Lady of Sin - Madeline Hunter
Never Seduce a Scoundrel - Sabrina Jeffries
In the Thrill of the Night - Candice Hern (buying it at her SF signing on 3/11)
Three Little Secrets - Liz Carlyle
Lord Perfect - Loretta Chase
Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas (got it, read it, review to come)
Portrait of a Lover - Julianne MacLean

Do you girls know of any others I should put on my list???

Gosh, I can't wait...


Holly said...

These are the ones I have on my list to watch for (besides the ones you mentioned, that is).

1st - HER MASTER AND COMMANDER - Karen Hawkins
1st - PORTRAIT OF A LOVER - Julianne MacLean
1st - MCKETTRICK'S CHOICE - Linda Lael Miller
28th - SWORD OF DARKNESS - Kinley MacGregor
28th - DARK DEMON - Christine Feehan
28th - BUMP IN THE NIGHT - JD Robb, et al (Anthology)

Kristie (J) said...

Surrender by Pamela Clare is the one I'm looking forward to the very most. I don't know if you read this type or not but it's what I classify as a colonial. Takes place in very early America before they became a country. I absolutely adored Ride the Fire from last year (and so did Renee and just recently Cindy read it and classified it as a keeper) Also like Holly mentioned - Lover Eternal and another one is Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen - but I don't think you've read the first three.
And how the heck did you get Devil in Winter??????
And I'm much older than you and still waiting for the pimples to go away. My mother told me they would when I hit my 20's - and I'm still waiting

Isabel said...

You have devil in winter already! How did you get it. Me want!

Anna said...

I will resist the temptation to break into singsong voice, but I'm reading Surrender by Pamela Clare for review now. I love her colonials; all are keepers.