Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tears and Laughter

Laura Lee Guhkre has a new excerpt out for her June release SHE’S NO PRINCESS. I look forward to reading this one. Sexy aloof men are always my cup of tea (hence my single state – they’re too aloof and unavailable…). Can’t wait to see the hero lose his composure over a woman. Should be fun! Hope the heroine's worthy of him.

Finished read Lorraine Heath’s PROMISE ME FOREVER. I enjoyed it, but couldn’t help notice similarities between it and THE NOTEBOOK (and having seen the movie, it became almost too apparent how close in plot they were). I loved the book; loved the story and would recommend it to readers young and old alike. I cried while reading it. It is a tearjerker, for certain. I made the mistake of reading the epilogue first and it got me off to a bad start. I cannot stress this enough…it is very very very similar (I don’t want to say IDENTICAL because it’s not true) to THE NOTEBOOK.

Heath is very talented at making you feel her characters’ joys and pains. I was hooked and couldn’t put it down after a couple of chapters. I enjoyed being reintroduced to my favorite characters from past novels. Interesting to know that the happily ever afters of the past were not so easily achieved; Heath dealt a hint of realism that is quite often not even touched upon in romance novels. I was thoroughly appreciative.

I thought the story was deserving of Tom and Lauren. It was sweet and touching. I would give it an A, but the fact that it reminded me so much of THE NOTEBOOK (this and this alone) brought it down to a B+. Do yourself a favor when reading it though…have some Kleenex nearby. You’ll need plenty of it.


Holly said...

Ohh..I didn't know LLG had a new book coming out. I can't wait to read it.

I would like to read LH's book, but I have SERIOUS issues where I read a book by one author and then pick up another one by a different author only to find they have the SAME EXACT PLOT. It's like a horrible case of Deja Vu. I *might* read it, though.

Lori said...

I love Laura Lee Guhrke! This has been a great series, too. Can't wait for this one.

I already have Promise me Forever on my TBR pile - I'll keep what you said in mind - thanks for the review!