Monday, March 27, 2006

Recent Reads and Reviews

LUCIEN'S GAMBLE (BAD BOYS AHOY anthology), Sylvia Day
I had to get this book, after reading about it in Sybil’s blog. I immediately went to the author’s website and was intrigued.
Why you should read it: The story is nothing new - hardened rake falls in love with young innocent who proves to be a little slut in the sack. I enjoyed the tale and grew to love the characters. I’m a sucker for redeemed rakes, the dirtier, the better.
What might bother you: The book was a tad bit historically inaccurate in terms of the heroine’s non ruined state, despite having “slept over” the hero’s gambling establishment about a dozen times (I’m exaggerating but you get the idea). This didn’t bother me much and I was more than willing to turn the other cheek.
Will I read more of Day? YES, YES and YES. Sylvia Day knows how to write and I look forward to reading more of her novels. Gosh, I'm already on her fanlist. What more can you ask for?

LORD PERFECT, Loretta Chase
What I loved:
the straightlaced, stuffy aristocratic hero, Benedict Carsington, who can’t get enough of the heroine, Bathsheba Delucey Wingate, from the wrong side of the tracks. Loved how he was willing to give up everything –his title, his money, his family- for her. Now that’s love.
What I hated: hearing the heroine talk about the Dreadful or Distraught or Diseased Deluceys every five seconds. Ok…I get it; your family sucks. Now get over it, so I can move on and continue reading about the hero turning his back on everything he’s ever known for you. Also, I think Chase spent too much time focusing on the heroine’s daughter and hero’s nephew…yes, they were integral to the plot, but give me a break already. Half the book was dedicated to them. Enough. I wonder what Chase’s motivation was?!?! Do I detect future book for the two in the future? Who knows?
Why I would recommend it: the hero, of course, and the fact that the couple never hid how they felt. I always find Chase’s novels so refreshing. It’s nice not to have to deal with misunderstandings, lack of communication between the lead characters. The dialogue was witty, intelligent, funny, unforgettable.

What I loved: Several things, to be honest
1. Long’s realistic depiction of a couple who slowly falls in love, becoming friends first and then lovers. Finally, a novel in which the two lead characters don’t start bumping uglies within two seconds of meeting each other. What a novel concept!
2. Long’s depiction of the villains, Thaddeus Morley and Caroline Allston. The characters were so real, so multi-faceted. There was no black and white to them; no silly caricatures we so often see in romance novels. I wanted to know more about them. Reading about them didn’t prove boring or tiresome. Quite often, I get so sick of having a sexually tense private moment between the lead characters interrupted by supporting characters. Here, I didn’t fail that way. Not even close. As a matter of fact, I’m glad Long left their fates slightly unresolved. I look forward to hearing more about them.
3. John Carr
4. The heroine’s transformation from spoiled little rich girl you just want to maim to strong mature woman. I wanted to smack at first. I really did.
5. The hero and his quirks. Who ever heard of a hero obsessed with voles and nature? This touch of quirkiness only made him more endearing and human.
What might bother you: the fact that they don’t bump uglies ASAP might turn some off. I know initially I thought WHEN THE HECK ARE THEY GOING TO DO IT? The more I read, the more I was glad they didn’t consummate ‘til the end. It wouldn’t have made sense otherwise.
Long’s future as a romance novelist: many compare her to some of the greats of romance literature and I can see why. This lady’s got it and I look forward to reading more of her novels.


Mailyn said...

YAY!!!!!! You got BBA! It's just wicked isn't it?! Lucien and Sebastian are so sinful it should be illegal! I loved it and I can't wait to get my hands on Ask for It. I read both excerpts Sylvia has on her site and it's too yummy!

Oh yay, welcome to the BBA fanclub. :)

Isabel said...

Totally off topic, But I love that picture of GB as Derek. *Drool*

Vile Blasphemer said...

Are you interested in something a little more... classical, yet just as bawdy at times? Try Ovid's Erotic Poems and you might just blush a little at those ancient folks.

Mailyn said...

Oh about Sylvia Day...she posted on the Avon Forum that we will get to see more of Lucien, Sebastian and Hugh! Oh yay, I'm excited.

Dylan said...

Whoa someone was on a reading spree, thanks for the reviews, enjoyed the heck out of them, I have officially added each of the books to my TBR list!

Happy Reading!