Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just One of Those Days

I'm torn...torn between a career I would more than likely be amazing in and one that I hate but that would make me the most money. Has anyone ever been thus torn? Wait...did I just sound like a romance heroine or what??? Hee...hee...hee.

I've been out of the loop lately, not really going on any blog sites or even blogging anything significant. My last blog was just a picture and a brief link (as you can see for yourself below)...BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!

I'm in a funk, if you will...hoping to get out of it soon. Going to Candice Hern's book signing on Saturday. Very excited about it.

With the exception of DEVIL IN WINTER, which I reread in order to review (coming soon), I haven't read any book worth a mention. Betina Krahn's THE LAST BACHELOR was good. Not incredible, but good and I enjoyed reading it...but...most books lately have been disappointments. I think I might be ready to go back to Mary Balogh. Her stories are so deep and intense and thought provoking. She's just what I need to get me out of my I'M SICK OF MORONIC ROMANCES phase. I know it's the types of romances I choose; I have been picking a lot of fluffy ones lately, romances that leave me with a warm, yet very brief, fuzzy feeling. I need more. I'm reading a lot of the same storylines and I'm sick of them. Authors seem to have lost all sense of originality...a heroine who's forced to sell herself to the hero because her brother gambled everything away AGAIN??? Heroines mistaken for whores? AGAIN?

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHH!!! Ladies, like AVID READER, I'm PMSing, as well...thanks for letting me vent.


Holly said...

That was me last week (hmm, or was it the week before?). I was just feeling really...Meh. Not in the mood for anything, but craving something.

And I was PMS'ing then, too. *Sigh* Sucks to be us.

Hope you get out of your funk, soon.

sybil said...

Have you read Lady of Sin? That is an adult romance, I thought it was good. No mistake whores, no 18 year old debs, no jaded rakes...

I would have to know more about the jobs. Feel free to email me ;). As one who is currently without one and only 30 but spent 6 years in hotels, 3 in telecom and 2 HORRID ones in insurance, I have thought a lot on this topic ;).

romancelover said...

I'm 31 and I've been to school my entire life, going to law school, graduating, deciding I didn't want to be a lawyer, not taking the bar, paying my loans, wanting to be a history professor, not having money for more school, needing money to pay my insane law school I've decided to take the bar exam, make the money I deserve to make and paying off my loan debt...however, I'd rather be a teacher...argh...see my dilemma? Doing what I want (going back to school which means being broke again) or taking the bar exam and sucking it up and paying my loans. I guess it's obvious. I need to pay my loans ASAP and then do the teaching thing...still...leaves a sour taste in my mouth sometimes.

As for LADY OF SIN...I've been waiting for this day to buy it. Pay day and new budget...can't wait to read it!

I will e-mail you Sybil...thanks for the words.

sybil said...

eek I just emailed and noticed it looks like a work addy and it is saturday! So send me another if you aren't at work today!