Thursday, March 23, 2006

This Sh-t is Bananas

Covers were released for two upcoming books. Check them out. I like Kleypas's cover, but D'Alessandro's? Eek! What the hell? I'm definitely going to have to invest in book covers now. This shit is ridiculous!


Mailyn said...

Good lord! I read your "About Me" and thought...when did I write this?! LOL. We're on the same wavelength! I'd settle for Derek or Cam Rohan (the half gypsy in Devil in Winter).

Although at first (after that one scene) I was hoping he was Daisy's hero in this book I am now happy he isn't. Can't wait for Lisa to write his story although she said it would take a while. God I can't wait!

I'm so linking your blog on mine right now, I love your blog. (^_^)

Isabel said...

All righty then for D'Alessandro's books.

LOve the Lisa Kleypas cover though.

Lori said...

Lisa posted the stepback art for Scandal in Spring on her blog a couple weeks ago:
It will be very interesting to read a contemporary by her... looking forward to it. AFTER Scandal in Spring, of course!

Janet W. said...

Does Avon have an original bone in their collective body? Wasn't there a movie poster of a woman surrounded by roses? And I don't think that movie had an HEA either.

What would we do without UBS stores? Some of the current offerings are an insult to our intelligence let alone our purchasing power!

sybil said...

American Beauty...

I like it ;). Go figure. Of course I don't read her.

And the LK is great.