Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Cheated

Ok...a couple of months ago I decided to buy books only at the beginning of each month. I didn't want it to come to that, but I had to save money somehow. I gave myself a budget (my book buying was out of control) and prepared myself for some major savings. Well, today I don't know what came over me...maybe the fact that several bookstores are now selling several new releases or maybe the fact that Kristie posted a list of her favorites on her website (yeah, I'll blame it on her...LOL)...well, today I drove down to my favorite UBS and then to the WALMART near my parents' house and proceeded to buy 11 books. Yes, I kid you not. Every now and then I visit my parents and little sister. I tell myself it's because I miss them and want to spend some time with them. Honestly, I'm starting to think I visit only so that I can go to Walmart and the UBS near them. I'm sick, deranged, twisted, ill very very happy I now own 11 more books. What is wrong with me? I've posted about this before. This disease is eating me and my bank account up alive. I don't even read the books. I buy them, bring them home to my apartment and then throw them in my TBR trunk.

I'm pleased with myself BUT in true ROMANCELOVER nature (or should I say DUMBASS?), I went ahead and read the last paragraph of one of the books I bought and nearly had a conniption! I'm sure I'll write about it once I read the book.

I'm honored to present the new members of my TBR family:

1. Candice Proctor, THE BEQUEST (recommended by Kristie)
2. Elizabeth Boyle, BRAZEN TEMPTRESS (I own the others..been looking for this one for ages. The review isn't too good, but I can't leave a series incomplete)
3. Shirley Karr, WHAT AN EARL WANTS (for those I need FLUFF days)
4. Nicola Cornick, WAYWARD WIDOW (heroine was a major BEEATCH in the last book)
5. Judith McNaught, A KINGDOM OF DREAMS
6. Judith McNaught, UNTIL YOU
7. Judith McNaught, ONCE AND ALWAYS
8. Gayle Callen, HIS SCANDAL
9. Lorraine Heath, PROMISE ME FOREVER (here's to hoping she can redeem herself after her last stinker)
10. Liz Carlyle, THREE LITTLE SECRETS (I waited for to get this one before I even began the glad I did...can't wait to read)
11.Georgina Gentry, TO TEASE A TEXAN

I also need need need to re-read IN COLD BLOOD by Capote. I read it in high school. After watching CAPOTE the other night, I'm itching to read the masterpiece one more time (as well as learn as much about Truman Capote as possible).


ames said...
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Isabel said...

Let me know when you read A Kingdom of Dreams.

Kristie (J) said...

Will this be your first Proctor? She is wonderful. But she's not writing romance anymore *sigh*. And I'll be looking to see what you think of Once and Always. It's my favourite McNaught.

Nikki said...

I did the same thing this week. I thought, "oh good, the only book coming out this week is Three Little Secrets, so I am safe" Well, that didn't work out so well. I ended up buying 7 books at Wal-Mart. I justify it because they are a little bit cheaper. Who am I fooling?!?!?

Mailyn said...

Good lord 11 books?! I thought I was bad lol. I feel for you, maybe freeze the credit cards? That helps me once in a while. Then again I buy A LOT from Amazon and they store your cc so I don't even need it. Compulsive shopping sucks!

LOL :)

romancelover said...

Credit cards? I forced myself to save those for emergency only (LIFE AND DEATH situations), that's why I gave myself a book budget with only one day each month that I can actually buy books. I told myself I'm going to buy 6 books or so each month (maybe one new release and the others garage sale/UBS buys) and I'm going to do it only once a month. Yeah, right! I'm ill, I tell you, ILL!!! LOL

sybil said...

11 new or used? 11 used is like nothing... so don't feel bad.

hee Protector is grand and I bought four McNaughts because of you. I still need to read them. They are around here somewhere.

Dylan said...

Let me know what you think of the McNaught books, will ya? I'm a fan of her earlier books!

Jill Monroe said...

Have McNaught...will pull out credit card. She's my autobuy!!!