Thursday, March 16, 2006

Romance Book Week

Got this from Keishon...I answered it pretty quickly because I'm at work.

1. Name your all-time favourite male character. Derek Craven DREAMING OF YOU - Kleypas;Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent – DEVIL IN WINTER - Kleypas; Lord St. Aubyn “SAINT” - LONDON’S PERFECT SCOUNDREL – Enoch.
I love heroes who are tough, slightly arrogant, a bit tortured, maybe a little jealous. Heroes who do whatever it takes for their heroine. I enjoyed reading about Craven because he was so against love, so mighty and proud and then he just…fell like a ton of bricks for Sara Fielding. Derek, like Sebastian and Saint, is the kind of man you can trust to protect the heroine no matter what the circumstance. I guess I like protectors.
I get a fuzzy feeling when I know the story is right. My stomach does a few flips and I'm overcome with intense happiness. That's when I know I'm reading a winner. I felt that way reading these novels. Gosh, I love other heroes also...the Carsington brother from Mr. IMPOSSIBLE is a good one...gosh, do I really have to narrow it done. Impossible!!!

2. What is your favourite setting? Historical / Contemporary or otherwise. Why? What draws you in? I love historicals set in the Regency period or Victorian age. Each time I read one, I feel like I’ve stepped off a time machine; it’s the most wondrous feeling. My fascination with Great Britain first began with a Kleypas novel not too long ago. I find that particular era so elegant and polished; I find it easier to lose myself in this period.

3. What trait in a hero can you not abide? Heroes need to be slightly alpha for me to enjoy them. No beta heroes for me; they don’t necessarily have to be completely arrogant or dominating and jealous, but I would like to feel like they could at least protect the heroine from a mouse. I don’t like men who are too focused on clothing and their own appearance…dandies, if you will. A perfect example is the hero from Loretta Chase’s MISS WONDERFUL. What a fop! Couldn’t stand him! This is my least favorite Chase book.

4. Who's your favourite heroine of all time? This is really difficult....two: Lauren from Balogh’s A SUMMER TO REMEMBER and the heroine (sorry, I’m at work) from Mary Jo Putney’s THE RAKE. I didn’t particularly like Lauren the first time I read Balogh’s book. I hated her, to be honest. I loved her the second time around. She’s one of those heroines I could actually relate to. Her search for that one last adventure and her attachment to the hero made my heart melt. She’s strong, intelligent, kind and human.
Putney’s heroine is perfect; she’s another strong one. Her attempts to help her hero in his fight against alcoholism really touched me. I actually admired her and admiration, especially lately, is not something I feel quite often for romance heroines. She could have given up and left him but she stuck it through. She loved him for that man that he was and accepted him. Wow…nice to read about a heroine who won’t run away at the first signs of trouble.

5. What is your favourite genre? Have you analyzed why it is your favourite? Do you care? Historical romance, historical biographies. I love history and I love learning about historical figures. Like Keishon, I love romance novels that will actually mention a historical figures. I do like references to Waterloo, Queen Victoria, the colonies, etc…depending on when the romance is set. The romance factor is a guilty pleasure of mine; why wouldn’t I want to read a romance? They’re fun, touching, sexy…what’s not to like???

6. What genre do you dislike the most? What is it that grates? Science Fiction. I don’t know why…I tried reading one before but just wasn’t interested.

7. If you have ever read books from the genre you don't like is there at least one book from that genre that you could recommend? n/a


Isabel said...

I love Derek Craven. Love him. (See Holly another Derek Craven lover. lol)

Dylan said...

Yeah I don't care for Sci Fi either, at least I don't think I

ag said...

Ahh ... I see another historiclal romance lover and Kleypas fan. The author who pays attention to the details and make the period come alive for me gets my loyalty, maybe eternally.