Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pet Peeves

1. Heroes who don't tell a heroine to fuck off after she runs away after getting knocked up, determined to raise the child on her own because of some asinine misunderstanding.

2. Romance novels centered around a big misunderstanding...anyone ever hear of a little thing called COMMUNICATION?

3. Stephanie Laurens' novels

4. The word "thou" used in romance novels. Sorry, I just can't get used to it, even if it may be historically accurate. I recently opened up Kathryn Caskie's RULES OF ENGAGEMENT and put it away when I noticed the hero using the word.

5. People who use the phrase "it's like bringing a horse to water." Err..NO! It fucking isn't! Not even close!

6. Sex marathons and no storyline (if I wanted porn, I'd rent it).

7. Dumb fuck heroines - I generally want the hero to do them severe bodily harm!

8. #16 font and 280 pages for $7.99. Generally, this is a courtesy afforded us by AVON. JERKS!

9. Working your ass off all year only to get a 3% raise...thanks ASSHOLES!

Ok...I had to vent a little and amuse myself at the same time. I'm irritated beyond belief and want to get the fuck out of here. I'm at work and taking a quick breather! Number 9 is the reason for my ire...well, that and the fact that I am STILL PMSing!!! When will it end!?!? How can employers expect you to be fired up about your job when they choose to fuck you up the ass during review time. What's crazy is that my review was good...apparently low raises are the norm at financial institutions. Whatever! I have bills to pay. I didn't go through two decades of schooling and sacrifices to get paid shit.

Right now I just want to go home, get on the couch and start reading Julie Anne Long's BEAUTY AND THE SPY. I got it on Saturday at her book signing in San Francisco. Met Candice Hern, too. More on that to come.


Dylan said...

Oh you poor thing! I know how you feel, I don't think my company will be giving anyone big raises this year, our budget was knocked in half and it just sucks ass around these parts!

But chin up sweetie, things have to get better, don't they? Read a book and enjoy it! It'll take your mind off of those kinds of worries, especially when you're PMSing, at least it helps me.

I totally agree with a lot on your list! ESPECIALLY STEPHANIE LAURENS!

sybil said...

Hey I was in a rush this morning and even checked your blog and LINKED to you. That has got to be better than being tagged.

And I still haven't do the other and now have no one to tag. poor me.

LOL I have plans to go through your list, cuz I disagree on lots ;). But I am in a rotten fucking mood so tomorrow.

loveses hope your day went better!