Friday, March 03, 2006


  • AAR has a review up for NEVER SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL. I feel ill. I don't know what to think. I already own it, so I might as well read it. I hope I enjoy it, despite what the reviewer says. I would hate to diss a book by Sabrina. I loved her PRINCE series.

  • My DEVIL IN WINTER review is coming soon. I'm still writing it. I want to do the book justice. An amazing book deserves an equally amazing review. Read it if you haven't already!!!

  • I am determined to get over my aversion to medieval romances. THE WEDDING is next on my list of books to overcome and conquer. Any other recommendations? I feel like I'm missing out on so many good books. Why don't I like medievals?

  • Quick question: what kind of heroes do you enjoy? Any similarities to the men you date, are married to, engaged to, etc? I love jealous possessive strong funny heroes. I can't stand jealous guys (well, a little bit is ok) a matter of fact, I always get stuck with wimpy assholes who expect me to make all the decisions (hence the reason I'm single. I won't settle anymore). Also, the behavior some of these heroes engage in is borderline stalkerish...why do we love it so much on paper? I wonder what that says about us...any thoughts?


Holly said...

If you're really looking for a book to get you over your midevil issues, I'd suggest something by Hannah Howell. Why, do you ask? Because she addresses those same issues in her books. I can't tell you how many times I've cheered when one of her heroes idly notices how often the heroine washes..or vice verse. Plus, they're well written and steamy as all hell! YUM! LOL

As for you question:
I like my hero men UBER alpha. A real man's man. The type that will just automatically take care of me...but there's a fine line there. I don't want a man who thinks he can tell me what to do or how to do it. And I married a man who had jealousy issues..Yeah, never again! I don't do well with jealousy.

But the man I'm with now is...perfect. He says stupid cheesy things to me, like, "You're the most amazing women in the world." *Insert eye roll here* and actually means them. But he's a big, tall, tough guy, too. (He's 6'2" to my 5'3").

Hmm..did any of that make sense? I've got a migraine today and I finally broke down and took one of my meds that makes me all you might come back tomorrow and see that I've deleted this one in favor of one that makes sense..;)

Kristie (J) said...

I LOVE medieval books but I may be tarred and feathered here because I really dislike Julie Garwood medievals anymore. I used to like them years ago but now when I read them, they come across as very immature and 99.9% of her heroines just scream twits.
Now for a GOOD medieval (heh heh)may I direct you too The Warlord by Elizabeth Elliot or My Forever Love by Marsha Canham. Now Those are medievals

I have a much longer list if you are ever interested.

Avid Reader said...

I like angsty heroes, needy heroes, not the crazy ones, just the ones who are loners and are honorable and angsty and needy. I like heroes who don't mind sharing a tear, too, but not too much so that they end up being sissy or something. You know? I don't know.


Isabel said...

First of all, I HAVE IN DEVIL IN WINTER NOW. ok, i'm done.

I love the tortured heroes. I don't know why. They just call to me. I want him to be manly, strong, and protective. No sissy boys.

My husband, is not a tortured hero. He's just your regular guy next door. He says cheesy romantice stuff to me and I love him for it. :)

sybil said...

LOL just because one review does or doesn't like a book doesn't mean you will or won't. Remember all reviews sites are made up of many different reviewers with different tastes.

So if it is reviewer, that you tend agree with, that might mean something, otherwise look at why the reviewer liked it or not. Would those things upset you?

In the end the only person who can judge if you would or wouldn't like something is you. The rest of just can just tell you what we think ;).

I haven't read the new one yet but do have it. From the AAR review I think I will enjoy it but may have a few issues. Not enough to not read it though.

I own a lot more medievals than I thought I did and a lot more than I have read ;). Are you looking for something more true to the times or something fluffy?

And really life it too short to drink bad wine. If you don't like it don't make yourself.

Trista Bane said...

I love medieval romances!

I love all kinds of heroes. Some of them are like my dh, but mostly they're just fantasy. I think that's why we read romance isn't it? To lose ourselves in something beyond what we have now?

Holly said...

Ok, so I guess my comment made a little bit of sense..LOL Sorry for the drugged out ramblings. Stupid Migraine Pills.

But, not that I'm not loopy, I'll say again that you should try Hannah Howell. She's amazing!

Dylan said...

I love alpha men, I'm nutso for that type!! A man's man like Holly said, LOVE THEM!