Saturday, April 01, 2006

To Diss or Not to Diss

Kathryn Smith's new book, out in July, sounds promising. I'm looking forward to it. Honestly though, it sounds like the heroine's going to bite the dust. I may be wrong. Read the excerpt. What do you think?

Big debate going on the Avon board as to whether board members should be allowed to openly "diss" an Avon author's work on the board itself. I think it's acceptable, as long as it's done tactfully. Others don't agree. Whatever...I had to throw in my two cents about Stephanie Laurens and how much PROMISE IN A KISS (or whatever it's called) sucked (I didn't say it exactly like that, of course). I don't hate the woman. Gosh, how could I? One, I don't even know her. Two, she wrote SCANDAL'S BRIDE, one of my favorite romance novels. The woman has some obvious talent...talent which, as of late, has been seriously untapped. Therein lies my disappointment and constant frustration with her (usually expressed by DON'T READ LAURENS rants). Why can't a reader express their opinion about an author's book? Why must all the reviews be glowing? Shouldn't the author want some constructive criticism? Wouldn't they want to know what it is about their books that makes readers cringe, as well as what elements make one sign in ecstasy? Beats me. Seriously, though..some on that board need to take a chill pill. I admire the woman who started the post. She had obviously just finished reading a few flops and needed to let it all out. Nice to know you can do that on the Avon board without getting attacked (add sarcastic snicker).

Discovered a new author by chance on Friday. Walked over to Stacey's, a small bookstore near work and noticed a copy of Tracy Anne Warren's THE HUSBAND TRAP. Bought it, of course (duh!). What? Did anyone honestly think I would abide by my earlier promises to hold off my book buying excursions? Yeah, right! Never gonna happen. I proudly give up. I'll cut down on some other expense if I want to afford going away somewhere this year. I read the book and enjoyed it. What I loved: the storyline. Something about twins switching roles...never read anything of the sort. I thought it would prove frustrating initially, I must confess. Believed I would be confronted by all sorts of silly misunderstandings. Miraculously, none of this occurred and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. What I hated about the book: the heroine's sister, who apparently will get her own book at the end of the month. She was the most obnoxious self-centered twirp. I wanted the heroine or even the hero to beat her down and shave her head. I cannot imagine how Warren will redeem her. She was vile! I'll be getting the book, so I'll be sure to let you all know.

Read McNaught's ONCE AND ALWAYS. I loved it. Loved the hero, despite some pretty detestable behavior on his part. One love scene, the first one, was particularly controversial. The author explained it away well enough to get me over it though. Judith McNaught has proven herself a KEEPER. So far, I've enjoyed all the books I've read by her. Of course, I've only read three, but still. That's pretty good! I must get WHITNEY, MY LOVE now though. The book has received some mixed reviews. Some find the heroine obnoxious and too much of a whiner! Hmmm...I hope she's not that much of a whiner! Moronic heroines tend to always ruin novels for me.

Re-read Foley's THE DUKE the other day. There's nothing like re-reading an old favorite. The book always make me smile and wish I were the heroine. If you haven't read it, please go out and get yourself a copy. It's one of the best novels I've ever read. Such romance, such emotion, such humorous and intelligent dialogue, passion...oh, gosh...ladies WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?

I'm at my parents' for the weekend. My mom had an operation on Thursday and I'm sorta helping out (my mom is one of those women who can't sit still). Folks' computer is ready to crash at any minute. I'm surprised I'm able to blog. It's pretty bad. Pop-ups and firewall crap appearing every five seconds. Might have to take the modem over to Best Buy and get it checked out. My little sister tends to download everything in site. Who knows what's on this thing now?! It's very frustrating.


Kristie (J) said...

Glad to see you enjoyed Once and Always. Jason was a pretty conflicted hero wasn't he? Hard to like at times but he totally made up for it for me when he thought Tory had drowned. Just his meltdown melted my heart.

Mailyn said...

I will never understand what is so wrong about giving your honest opinion, I mean provided it's done as a critique to the work and not the person you have to be honest.

Sometimes I love some actors and sometimes I feel sorry they did such a bad job.

As civilized people we should be able to voice our opinions. I agree with you!

Holly said...

I don't see what's wrong with voicing an honest opinion, either. I don't think author bashing should be acceptable..ever, but simply stating that you disliked a book for such and such reasons shouldn't be a big deal.

I'm glad you like O&A. It's not my favorite, but I really liked Jason and Tory. I had some serious issues with some of Jason's behavior, but JM has a good way of absolving her heroes (and heriones alike).

I'm really, really sorry that you're going to be reading W,ML soon. LOL Gosh, she irritates the crap out of me. The entire book does, actually. UGH!

But, I know you need to read it and see for yourself. I'm anxious to hear your opinion. Same with A Kingdom of Dreams. Absolutely despised the heroine!