Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Chance Encounter

I was very close to leaving my favorite UBS today. I had purchased several books, wanted to leave and enjoy the good weather. The owner (who absolutely loves me, by the way), before I left, mentioned an old Jane Feather classic she was sure I would love: THE WIDOW'S KISS. I told her about my experience with ALMOST A BRIDE (bad...really bad) and with VICE (very very good). She told me she'd let me borrow the book, so I walked back to the romance section and scanned the Feather books. The book wasn't there, so I began to walk towards the exit when, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of heaven: Lorraine Heath's TEXAS SPLENDOR. Finally, after rummaging through a dozen dusty bookstores in the hopes of not having to spend an arm and a leg for the old classic, I found it! I now have all three TEXAS books and can now discover why Kristie and so many others shy away from Heath's new novels. I am beyond excited. more thing...the book cost me only...drum roll...drum roll...$3.00!!! Yes, I kid you not. This UBS is a gold mine.

What else did I buy?

Deborah Martin's (aka Sabrina Jeffries) BY LOVE UNVEILED

Porter's THE SEDUCER - I hate the cover, but the story seems promising.

I've never heard of Patricia Waddell. I grabbed this one by chance. TBR bound, of course. I have too many books to read. The amazon reviews are good, but I learned the hard way not to trust them. Time will tell.
Supposedly, Hern's book is quite dark. It's supposed to be really good; has won awards and all. I hate the cover, to be honest. It's ridiculous! Love how it's winter, snow's everywhere, probably below zero AND the hero and heroine are both half naked. Me thinks they're frozen to the ground. What a bunch of idiots! I do look forward to the story though. I'll just have to picture Gerard Butler and a brunette (i.e. myself) during those love scenes. LOL.


web said...

At least it's not the poor author's fault....

Kristie (J) said...

Now I'll be anxiously waiting to hear what you think about the older Heath westerns! And what is it about Avon, half naked men in capes in the winter anyways?

romancelover said...

Web - Yeah, def not the authors' fault...I wish they had more of an input..i don't mind cheesy covers, as long as the couple doesn't look constipated or ill...

Kristie - I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw the Heath book for only $3. I couldn't believe UBS is unbelievable...they had several Balogh regencies which go for over $15 on ebay, selling for $2. INSANE!!!

Candice Hern said...

And just on case you're wondering, Romancelover, there is NO snow in the book. :-)

Hope you enjoy it.


sybil said...

oh good... do get started on those!


I like that book Martin is the first name Sabrina Jeffries wrote under. hmmm at least I think I liked it... I might still need to read it! Should pull it down and lookie.

PW is good and it is a shame she is off writing paranormals. There are four in that that series.

alex f said...

I completely agree about the cover of "The Bride Sale." I absolutely hate the bodice-ripper type book covers. They're not only cheesy, but usually wildy misleading as the cover characters usually look nothing like the way the characters are described in the book and the setting is usually something wild & dramatic, but again, very unlike where & when the events in the novel take place. It makes me cringe every time I see on of these covers. I'm sure there are lots of great books out there that I've not read simply because I was put off by the cover.