Friday, April 14, 2006

Brotherly Love

Nothing says romance like a good dose of incest.

Imagine stumbling upon a book in which the hero returns home after a few years. He soon discovers that his estranged SISTER is not really his sister. He sees her from afar and is immediately hot for her. He wants her; she wants him. I'm sure they do it eventually. I don't know exactly. The back blurb was enough to make me sick.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the book. Can't remember the author's last name either. All I recall is her first name...Gail. I hope I misread the back blurb. I reread it a few times. Couldn't believe my eyes. How can anyone find a romance like that sexy? Is it even a romance? I know the characters aren't technically related but if you grow up believing someone is your brother, how can you even think about having sex with him, once you discover he's not? Sick!


Mailyn said...

Oh. Dear. Lord.

are we all out of plots now that we have to resort to this?!? maybe I should submit my brilliant historical, the way these people are writing hell I may have shot lol.

Isabel said...


romancelover said...

Yes, ladies. I kid you not. I didn't get a chance to go over to the bookstore for the name, but know that this book is out there.