Friday, April 21, 2006

For Judith Ivory Fans

News on Judith Ivory's November release - According to AAR, "Angel in a Red Dress (October 1) is essentially a reprint of Starlit Surrender, the author's first book. Ms. Ivory says that she had the opportunity to rewrite the first pages and she's quite happy with them."

Cool! I've never read that one before. Love Judith Ivory. Cannot wait for this one, but wait...I guess it's not a new release...what happened to the new series she started writing a couple of years ago? Don't ask anyone at Avon. No one has a clue!

Apparently, Ivory wanted to rewrite this story a few years ago, but Avon wouldn't let her. Check out this discussion board tidbit with Ivory responding to writer Katy Cooper's questions and comments about the novel back in 2002. Nice to know patience does indeed pay off!

The story is about Christina Pinn and Adrien Hunt, Earl of Kewischester. The hero is a libertine who's slept with every female in sight. The heroine tries to fight the attraction because she fears getting hurt, but it's a lost cause. I can't find much else about the plot. It's an older Ivory that I'm sure most of you have read. Unfortunately, I haven't.

For Ivory fans, check out this cool article I found on AAR. Contains some information on Starlit Surrender.


Mailyn said...

sounds promising considering me and libertines seem to get along quite nicely hehehehe

Avid Reader said...

Thanks for that clarification. Someone stated on my blog that it was NOT a reprint of Starlit Surrender. I'm looking forward to it anyway.


ReneeW said...

Since I haven't read Starlit Surrender anyway I'm really looking forward to this one.