Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back from the UBS...

Danelle Harmon

Katherine Sutcliffe

Mary Balogh

Samantha James

Lorraine Heath

Teresa Medeiros

They're mine...all mine. Oh, happy day!!!


sybil said...

Very nice new look you have here!

I have never even seen The Ladies Man, very cool. Enjoy :).

I think I have all the others but traded back the TM one.

Janet W. said...

Ladies Man looks great -- will you let me know how you like it?

Kristie (J) said...

Nice haul there well except for ahem aahh cough aahh Ladies Man. I'm tickled you are trying her earlier titles, but this one (for me anyway) um, ah, stunk. So if you read it and have the same reaction please, please, please don't let it turn you off her earlier titles.

romancelover said...

And here I thought I managed to find one of Heath's great older Westerns that I keep hearing about...although I already own 2 of her Texas books. I'm waiting to find the 3rd and then I'll read them. Gosh, can a girl catch a break? Seriously though, my UBS is getting better and better.

I love UBSing. Janet, we will have to take a trip back to your fave UBS. Looks like the rain is gone for good...hopefully...more rain and they'll have to send me to an institution. I'm going nuts. The only working out I've done is spinning twice a week and that's not normal! Need to go hiking or something.

Kristie (J) said...

Which one are you still looking for? I can keep an eye out for it if you want (not that I'm making it to any UBS's these days). But if it's the third one - I'd say go ahead and read the first two since the third one wasn't nearly as good (even though Sybil really liked it *grin*)

romancelover said...

Kristie, I own Texas Glory and Texas Destiny, but not Texas Splendor. I got them on ebay and it looks like I might have to do that again. Argh!